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Dingwall D Roc 4 Matt Metallic Black with Deluxe Gig bag

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  1. New for 2020 is the Dingwall D-Roc These basses are perfect for drop tuning or being strung B/E/A/D and lower!

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Since the 1990s Dingwall guitars have been at the forefront of custom bass design and are the leading users of "fan fret" technology, now considered to be the one of the best ways of getting an improved low B sound from a bass guitar. By having a shorter length of scale for the higher strings and a longer scale for the lower strings you get a more even string tension and thus a tighter overall sound.

Time after time players are amazed at how easy and intuitive fan frets feel to play - most admit that it is actually easier and more natural. This ease of playing combined with a stunning built and cool contemporary design.

  2. Dingwall made in Canada FD3n pickups*

  3. Volume, pickup selector, tone

  4. Dingwall USA strings - buy HERE

  5. Kahya body - Satin Black

  6. 20 fret Pau Ferro Fingerboard - 36.25 - 34" scale

  7. Front dots

  8. Carbon Fibre pickguard

  9. Magnetic rear battery cover

  10. Banjo frets

  11. NOVAX® FANNED-FRET SYSTEM™ (see below)

  12. Five piece maple neck

  13. Smoked chrome hardware

  14. Hipshot licensed tuners

  15. Manufactured in China

  16. Final set up at Dingwall Shop in Canada

  17. Included Deluxe padded gig bag


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