Headway B Band the Band The Band Up DPA 4099B Supercardoid, Condenser Microphone for Upright bass, right bass pickup :: For sale, UK, On offer at Bass Direct: ~ warwick


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Headway The Band pickup for Upright Bass - £229 inc UK mainland shipping

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Headway - The Band, Pickup for Upright Bass - list price £229.00

•Easy instant fitting & transferability.

•No modifications to instrument.

•Warmth & clarity of tone.

•Reduced feedback & body boom.

•No bowing noise.

•No batteries required.

•Output plugs directly to mixing desk or combo.

•Reliable robust & simple construction.

•Fits comfortably & safely in violin case with integral standard jack socket.

•1 year guarantee

"Our Cellist played on The Cello Band last week on concert. It has a really fantastic sound that we have never heard before. A Barcus Berry bridge PU is fitted to the Cello now, so we could compare the sounds easy. Headway's sound is much better, more balanced between different strings( no "boomy" at lower freq range) no distortion and really sensitive for dynamics. So it's excellent, the best choice.

Our sound engineer was really happy to do the monitor mix very easy without feedback, just he had to cut mid range at 800Hz-1kHz to reduce the 'box and tube sound', that's all.

Do you plan to making same type of system for guitars? It would be great!"
- Ern? Galambos, Hungary

"I used 'The Band' acoustic pickup on Cello, for two outdoor gigs this weekend and was delighted with its performance. Set-up was easy and quick. Unlike other mic systems I've used, there was no noise from the wind. The tone was warm and even with no boominess or sensitive spots."
 - Margie Dally, USA.

"I own a music shop located in Liege, Belgium. A few days ago, we bought your TheBAND acoustic violin pickup from your BeNeLux distributor, Mr. Ron Houben. 
We are very pleased with this product and decided with Mr. Houben to find a popular violinist in Belgium who could give a good image of your product to other players.
- Fabian Tasset, Dealer, Belgium www.tasset.com

I took delivery of a Band fiddle pickup on Tuesday to replace a feedback prone Microvox (Condenser Mic) and I have to say that it's the best sounding bicycle innertube I've ever heard - by far!
I saw you demo it at the Blazin Fiddles fiddle school at Beauly several Octobers back and was very impressed with the sound and feedback resistance. I didn't think it would be that good outside a controlled demo - but it was.
I used the Headway band on my fiddle for the first time on bank holiday Monday. I had Jim Ronayne, the virtuoso acoustic guitarist as my sound man and he was very impessed with it. I ran it through one of those cheap and cheerful Behringer acoustic DI boxes and I couldn't separate out the amplifier from the acoustic sound. And what's more, it stayed clean even when things got busy with everybody else thrashing away.
It really is the best sounding bicycle innertube on the market today!
- Paul Bonnett

Headway Upright Bass Pickup

"The Band" Piezo Contact Violin Pickup offers far greater volume levels before feedback, compared to mikes. And you can avoid being tied down to mike stands.

Headway's "The Band" further cuts feedback, bowing noise, body noise and excessive treble by acoustic filter.

The unique "Band" speeds sound checks and minimises cluttersome and unreliable equipment needed to set up and transport.

Most importantly, it offers increased headroom (volume) before feedback, enabling problem free monitoring at modest to high volumes.

As currently in use by Professional Violin Players: Peter Knight ( Steeleye Span), Tom Leary ( Feast of Fiddles) and Crystal ( Canadian Nashville Session Musician ).

"I heard a Headway Band Pickup on a very good Acoustic Violin today while I was at Bernstein's Violins in Boulder Colorado, USA. Now mind you, I just heard it played for a few minutes over a very inexpensive Fender Frontman Amp, but I have to say it sounded pretty good. I was impressed. However, the Cheapie Frontman Fender Amp leaves something to be desired as far as playing an Electric Fiddle on it. But even so, even with the Cheapie Guitar Amp, the Headway 'Band' sounded pretty good to me; good enough that I'd like to have one for my Acoustic Viola.

If you can find a place that stocks the Headway Band I'd take my Violin into the place and try it out. The Headway Band straps around your fiddle with no hassle and comes off easy also. The Headway Band has a quarter inch jack for the regular Guitar Chord. It's a real, no hassle pickup and it's the first good soundboard pickup I have ever heard."
Bob Jiggins, Luthier - Judicael Strings Ltd. Violin, Cello & Bass Amplification. UK Agent for Jordan Electric Violins, W.Yorkshire.

"I was very impressed by the quality of output. I don't think I've ever heard a more accurate acoustic sound coming out of a piezo."
 - Arthur Marshall.

VL3: "I must say the sound you get from the VL3 is amazing. I had been looking around a bit and to be honest I didn't quite believe the reviews, but once it is all fitted the sound is incredibly realistic. I only wish I'd known about this a few years ago before wasting money on other solutions. I'll definitely be recommending it to others. Thanks also for sending it over so quick." - Robert Rogers,
Senior Consultant, Energy & Utilities, Logica CMG




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