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MW 1 Studio tool

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MW1 STUDIO TOOL - The ultimate D.I. & re-amplification device.

We asked world renown engineer/producer Michael Wagener what one piece of gear he wanted in his studio to get the guitar tone he is famous for. Then we designed it. Now it is available to you!

The MW1 Studio Tool is the result of Michael Wagener's experience on more than 80 million records sold with his legendary guitar and bass tones. The MW1 Studio Tool gives musicians and engineers a full set of tone shaping features that Wagener has used over the years combined into a single piece of gear.

The MW1 Studio Tool is a multi-function Real-Amping™ device for use while recording, re-amplifying or playing live. It provides a transparent transformerless D.I., variable input/output impedance and other problem solving functions that make it easier to create that perfect sound for your mix.


Transparent, transformerless D.I.

Record D.I. and amp tracks at the same time.

The MW1 Studio Tool gives you the ability to track instruments in their purest form while also using your amps and effects for your live sound.

Re-Amplifying / Real-Amping™ / Re-amping solution.

After capturing a guitar track, run that track back through the MW1 Studio Tool to dial up great tone and then re-record tracks with different amplifiers or effects while still retaining the original performance.

Variable input and output impedance allow you to match impedance to any following input stage.

Use pro studio gear in-front of your amp.

Go from instrument level to line level and back again - or just the opposite. Use your favorite studio compressors, eq's, etc. with your amp.

Use stompboxes as effects during mix.

Run your signal through the MW1 Studio Tool using the variable impedance, clean boost and other functions to dial up the sound you want. Great for electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, violin, keyboard...any 1/4 inch output.

Three switches allow you to isolate and eliminate ground loop problems.

Dedicated tuner output.

Rack mount or desktop use.


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