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Creation Audio - The REDEEMER CIRCUIT


Redeemer Circuit     £59.00

Redeemer Inline       £95.00

Redeemer Beltpack  £125.00

Redeemer Ai1 - Metal/Ultra Hiz, Unity gain £41.00 new

Redeemer Ai1 - Nylon/1Mohm, Unity gain  £39.00 new

Unleash your tone
Preserve your tone
Take your tone further
Easy installation - long battery life

New more compact deign

Why do you need a guitar pick-up buffer?

Because your instrument's output is high impedance your pick-up will suffer from loss of fidelity due to the tone sucking effect of cable capacitance, FX pedal and amplifier loads, as well as the pick-up of stray noises through the connecting cords.  Even if you've used a hundred dollar oxygen-free low-capacitance cable, you've probably never heard how good your instrument can truly sound. Also, rolling back your guitar's volume knob raises the impedance even more and you get all the more tone suck.  A good guitar buffer kit will fix all this.

Belt pack version;

At the heart of the each beltpack is the Redeemer circuit. It is encased in a sturdy black aluminium case that is built with the durability that Creation Audio Labs has come to be known for.

Dimensions: 2.25"x3.5"x1" and has a 16" piece of George L's cable attached

Power Requirements: (1) 9V Battery

Inline version;

Put the Redeemer circuit where YOU want it

Slim and compact

Dimensions: 2.25"x3.5"x1"

Power requirements: 9VDC Power Supply (not included)





The same technology as found in the Redeemer Install, all in one simple gold plated jack, making installation as easy as replacing the jack in most guitars.  Many guitars, like the Les Paul and Telecaster for instance, have their jacks mounted inside a tunnel behind a mounting bezel.  The Ai1 Redeemer simplifies installation on such guitars.  Guitars that use thick panel jacks, or that have more complicated wiring (stereo outputs, or split mag/piezo set-ups) would need to use the Install version at the top of the page.

The Ai1 Redeemer is also great for adding a buffered output to volume pedals or other passive pedals, and has even been installed to add a buffered output on some mixers that we've modified.

  1. All the same bullet points as the Install version, PLUS...

  2. The smallest possible circuit to fit in ANY place a guitar jack was used.

  3. Simple to install.

  4. Convert passive pedals to buffered.

  5. Add buffered outputs to analog audio gear.

  6. Can be powered with up to 36VDC.

  7. Optional Unity or +6dBu 

  8. Optional Metal or Nylon threaded jack

The Redeemer is an innovative buffer circuit that eliminates tone loss caused by the interaction of instrument electronics and the loading effect of the cable, effects units and amplifier. The instrument is effectively insulated from the rest of the signal chain providing these benefits:

Individual notes within chords are heard with greater detail - harmonics jump right out!

The guitar becomes very responsive to the players picking velocity and strength... This is something you will feel!

The timbre of the instrument stays consistent, especially when “rolling back” the volume controls! No loss of high frequencies when you turn down your instruments volume - It's like having a master volume that keeps your tone the same at any volume level.

Because the output impedance is less than 300ohms the circuit can easily drive a line input for going direct to a mixer.
This results in a clear, full range of tone that sounds better than using a direct box for live or recording applications.

Flat frequency response: 10 Hz - 50 kHz!
Noise floor: -125 dB!
Distortion: 0.0005%

Input Impedance: > 2M ohms
Output Impedance: < 300 ohms
Current Draw: < 2.5mA

Power: operates from 9v to 18v

Phase response: between +/- 0.1 degree from 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Dimensions: 0.4" x 0.8" x 1" (metric = 1.0 cm x 2.0 cm x 2.5 cm) and a 9 volt battery

Redeemer Installation Instructions - Passive pickups

*** If you are not comfortable with soldering techniques have the Redeemer installed by a qualified repair technician. ***

1. Remove your existing jack.
2. Unsolder the signal wire and the ground wire from the original jack.
3. Place a piece of heat shrink (provided with the Redeemer) over the brown wire of the Redeemer. Solder the brown Redeemer wire to the the signal wire that was connected to the original jack (tip connection).
4. Place a piece of heat shrink over the blue Redeemer wire and solder the blue wire to the ground wire of the original jack (sleeve connection).
5. Carefully heat the shrink tubing over the solder connections.
6. Install the Redeemer jack into the instrument.
7. Use the foam from the Redeemer box to wrap the battery and to keep them from rattling around inside the instrument.

The Redeemer circuit is very efficient and has a long battery life. The circuit is turned on by the jack when a cable is plugged in. Do not leave the instrument plugged in while not playing as this will drain the battery.

  1. Typical wiring diagram HERE


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