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"There is only one original Comfort Strapp ...accept no substitutes!"

Bass Guitar Strapps £34

    The Pro Bass Series consists of a wider design through the shoulder area, providing added support for the typically heavier bass instrument.  Neoprene pad tapers to 3" from 3.5", and is available in three lengths:

Bass Short     33"-37" (84 - 94cm)

Bass Long     38"-45" (96 - 114cm)

Bass X Long  42"-54" (106 - 137cm)

Guitar Strapps - £34

The Pro Guitar Series consists of a straight design for a leaner application.  Neoprene pad is 2.75" throughout and available in two lengths:

Guitar Long             38"-45" (96 - 114cm)

Guitar Extra Long   42"-54" (106 - 137cm)


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Please note if you are ordering from outside the UK we will email you for any extra shipping cost if required.

Beware of cheap, inferior copies using a similar name!

The Pro Series Bass and Guitar Strapps provide unmatched comfort and performance. Comfort Strapp's composite design has the soft cushion of neoprene, configured to eliminate any bungee effect. Comfort Strapp will outperform any strap you've ever used. It is the only patented neoprene strap offering limited stretch. Made in the USA. Patent number 4,976,388.

Comfort strapps also feature double locking ends for extra security, even under the most extreme circumstances.

If you suffer from shoulder pains or want a more comfortable strap then you should really consider one of these!

Sizes in Metric

Short Bass - 84cm - 94cm

Long Bass (Guitar) - 96cm - 114cm

X Long Bass (Guitar) - 106m - 137cm

If you are ordering outside the mainland UK or EU please contact us to confirm shipping costs.

John Taylor from Duran Duran uses Comfort Strapp

Submitted on the 21st March 2010 by Chris who purchased a comfort strapp.

Hi Mark, just a quick word to say thanks for the speedy delivery of the comfort strap which arrived on Friday.

I used it at rehearsal today and wow, it has made such a difference. I expected it to be comfortable and it was, but what surprised me was how much easier it is to play because the bass just stays put. I feel stupid for not trying one earlier!

thanks again,