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Bass Collection Speak Easy 5 Pre-owned

£299 + £12 UK shipping

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  3. A pre-owned bass in excellent condition, and benefitted from a recent pro set up and fret dressing and comes with a padded gig bag. list £645

  4. Actual bass pictured, please click on images to enlarge. Weight: 3.6kg/8lb 2oz

Based on the classic, Japanese built Bass Collection SB310 Series, introduced by Nanyo Boeki and distributed exclusively in the UK by the Bass Centre in the late 1980's and 90's, the new Speakeasy combines a distinctive compact body profile with a powerful, modern sound.

All the hallmarks of the original Bass Collection design are in place... the unique, heel-less, bolt on neck, 2 octave, unmarked, rosewood fingerboard, high density bridge design for maximum sustain and active twin band electronics.

  1. Original, compact, light weight Bass Collection SB body contour

  2. Slim profile maple neck

  3. 24 fret, rosewood fingerboard

  4. 2 Band Active EQ

The classic line-up of SGC/Nanyo instruments still has a devoted following, with numerous online user groups and forums dedicated to chronicling the development of the brand and the myriad of model variations. Notable users include Muse bass superstar, Chris Wolstenholme, who used a pair of Bass Collection SB300 Series basses, both live and in the studio, during the band's 2000/2001 "Showbiz" era.


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