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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION announces the addition of a new, compact, high-powered, 4 x 10” model to our revolutionary Bass Array cabinet line-up.  The BA410-3 is loaded with 10 separate cone drivers and is simply the most compact, powerful, detailed and articulate presentation of the BA concept in a single enclosure. 


The Bass Array design first introduced 2 years ago as a single 12” design has now expanded to 5 separate models with the addition of the new BA410-3.  Each model offering its own unique tonal response, the BA410-3 cabinet is for those players that need the highest powered, most dynamic performance in a single, compact cabinet design.  This premium cabinet offers 4 x 10” drivers loaded into a single ported chamber and positioned tightly together for close-focus, dynamic coupling.   The mids and highs are projected by a 6 x 3” line array of neodymium cone drivers which dramatically increases their efficiency and provides exceptional projection and horizontal dispersion characteristics.  The transition of lows, mids and highs are extremely smooth, seamless and detailed; and the force and clarity of this cabinet makes it ideal for large stages and venues.

- Neodymium Cast Frame 10” Woofer

 - 6 x 3” Neodymium Paper Cone Speakers in a Separate Line Array Format


Features and Specifications include Premium Light Plywood Construction

- Neodymium Cast Frame 10” Woofer

- 6 x 3” Neodymium Paper Cone Speakers in a Separate Line Array Format

- Premium Light Plywood Construction

- Side-Mounted Recessed Bar Handle

- Both Speakon and ¼” Jacks

- 1,000 Watts / 4 Ohms

- Freq. Response: 40 – 15K Hz

- Sensitivity: 103 dB,  1w/1m

- Dimensions:  23.75”H x 23”W x 18”D

- Light-weight: 55 LBS /30kg


Speaker Components:

  1. Four -- premium Faital® neodymium 10" cast frame loudspeaker utilizing a unique dual-wound voice coil design for increased power handling and efficiency.

  2. Four -- premium Faital® neodymium 3" mid/high cone drivers loaded into a sealed line array stack.


Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  1. Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure.

  2. Two -- Speakon® NL-2 connector and two - ¼" sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


Cabinet Finish:

  1. Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.

  2. Black metal corners and heavy-duty strap handle.

  3. Custom, curved grille with a unique center "pleat" to protect the array column.

  4. Large rubber feet.


New fitted/padded/logo cover pictured below

This is a premium padded cover offering a tailored fit for the Bass Array410-3 cabinet.  Made from heavy-duty, water-resistant vinyl material this cover offers 3 layers of protection with a vinyl outer shell, 5mm soft padding, and thick plush inner lining.  

Handle cut-outs are offered for gripping the cabinets bar handles, protective plastic feet are mounted to the left side and the cover is badged with embroidered GENZLER AMPLIFICATION and BASS ARRAY logos.

Customer feedback

Peter who purchased a Magellan 800 and 2 x bass array cabinets - 10/05/0215

Having watched the video a few times and considered all the options, I spent a few hours at Bass Direct in Warwick today (thanks for the advice and patience by the way, Mark!)

Having A/B'd the B12-3 Array vs the 212t +112 (together as a stack) for a fair while I came away with the Magellan 800 with 2 x B12-3 Array cabs. Of course it's early days but I'm mightily impressed with what I've heard so far.

The 'journey' (we all have one, right?) went from Ampeg SVT classic / 410HLF, then D class Ampeg Pf500 + 2x pf115 or pf115 + pf410 hlf when the previous one got too heavy to lug around. Over the past 2 years much of the ACDC / Thin Lizzy material has been gradually replaced with Queen, Bowie, Zep plus a load of more varied / lighter stuff and I found the Ampeg rig a bit limited. Mark at Bass Direct suggested I try out the Magellan stuff and so a month later here I am: £2K poorer but so much happier in terms of what I'm playing through.

I'll follow up in a month or so's time once I've had a chance to gig the rig and really put it through its paces. For now - having read the forum avidly whilst pondering, I thought I'd put something back in for the next person facing the same 'shall I / shan't I' dilemma!

So far so brilliant!


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