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Add Footswitch 3, £55 package deal

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*Footswitch operates; 1 - Mute on/off, 2 - Toneprint 1on/off, 3 Toneprint 2 on/off

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Expanding TC Electronic’s bass amp 2.0 line up, the new BH550 and BH800 amplifiers are the complete next-level models for those bass players who loved the feature set and compact lightness of BH250, but simply wanted more power. Building on the highly acclaimed RH series but in a more affordable package, these two new amplifiers are set to continue the success of the BH/BG250 series.

Featuring Dual TonePrint (foot-switchable via an optional Switch 3), aux input, headphone jack, high-end DI output (that can even be used without a speaker cab connected) and much more besides, all makes them a perfect companion for any bass player – live, in the studio, or simply practicing at home.

Main Features

550w or 800w, light and portable

Dual TonePrint® signature bass effects (including compression, drive, octave, chorus and flanging)

Built-in bass tuner

Intelligently-contoured tone controls

The TonePrint concept allows you to load signature bass effects in seconds: Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Sub’n’ Up Octaver, SpectraComp or Bass Drive. You can choose from an ever-expanding list of signature artist TonePrints created by bass masters like Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Fourplay, Toto), Charles Cave (White Lies), Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stoneage), Gail Ann Dorsey (Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Seal), Mark King (Level 42), Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford) and many more, all available for free on our website or via our TonePrint App for iPhone and Android. No doubt, playing with bass effects is loads of fun and can be an everlasting source of inspiration, triggering totally different ideas for new grooves and bass lines.

TonePrint: Complete Creative Control

No longer is your creativity held back by some fixed set of built-in effects. With the innovative TonePrint technology you become the amp designer. So if you need a swirling vintage flanger or a TubeDrive for your next rock gig, or a compressor and a chorus when you play with your funk band, you simply just load them into the amp. This may sound surreal, but trust us, it’s THAT easy!

TonePrint means signature effects made by the most awesome bass players around, like Victor Wooten, Duff McKagan, Nathan East and many more. These TonePrints are available for free - straight from your smartphone - and with 2 switchable TonePrint slots available, the tonal possibilities are virtually endless.

Art. Where Technology And Design Meet

Long gone are the days where bassists were the quiet dudes standing side of stage staring at their shoes pumping roots and fifths. Today’s bassist is versatile, expressive, loud and ready for his place in the spotlight. To perfectly support the needs of our fellow lovers of low-end, we’ve designed the BH550 to fit the needs of busy bassists on the go. That means a lightweight, portable design, a killer EQ section and unlimited tonal versatility through TonePrint - plus an on-board tuner. So just like you, this amp was born to rock!

Tone Is Where The Heart Is

We don’t know what magical schools of bass-wizardry our engineers attended, but boy do they know tone. With the BH550’s intelligent EQ section we’ve once again placed ourselves far ahead of the tone-tailoring-curve. Behind the deceptively simple four-dial design lies a frequency range perfectly tuned for bass. So no matter if you like your sound nice and scooped, fat and groovy or filled with high-end sparkle the BH550’s tone controls will be sure to cut and boost in all the right places, leaving you sounding your best every time!

Backstage Pass - All Access

BH550 offers the perfect mix between weight and power, intuitive controls, TonePrint and an onboard tuner making it the must have tool for virtually any bassist.

Bass Tuner

The BH550’s ultra-precise on-board tuner is there when you need it. It’s always on, so you constantly have a clear read of whether you’re in tune or not. And with a frequency range that supports up to six-string basses, you can be sure that your low-notes will always be in tune!

Balanced Output

Use the balanced output to send a signal to a PA or a sound engineer when playing live, or use it as a high–quality bass preamp in the studio when recording, taking advantage of the tone controls and TonePrint features. Choose between sending a pre signal for a completely clean and direct sound or chose post to get the flavor of the amp.

Plug & Play

Use your phone, MP3 player or similar to jam along your favorite tracks. Just plug it into the AUX input and you’re ready for a rehearsal session, combining your favorite music with your favorite bass tone!

Late Night Jammin’

If you like jamming late at night, plug in a pair of headphones for a silent session. Keep it groovin’ and keep your family and neighbors happy at the same time.

Your Vision, Your Sound

BH550 features a wide range of TonePrint effects, from Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver to our custom SpectraComp & BassDrive – and they all sound killer! We even have combined TonePrints that let you enjoy the power of two TonePrints in one!

Frequent Awesomeness

Cut and Boost at Different Frequencies. Tailored Specifically for Bass for ultra-precise tonal shaping.

Effect Types

You can load and swap effect types on the BH550 via USB or the TonePrint App for smartphones. Once you load an effect of your choice to the amp, you can use the white TonePrint knob to adjust the wet/dry balance - more or less effect so to speak.



You will find that our Sub'n'Up Octaver is one of the most flexible octavers you'll ever come across. It can take you up an octave, or down an octave, keep it clean, or add some dirt. And it tracks like no other octaver you have ever tried - all the way down to the low B-string!


The Chorus effect is based on our legendary Stereo Chorus Flanger - aka SCF - that set new standards for chorus greatness decades ago and is still going strong. Now, it has been tailored with painstaking attention to detail for one specific purpose: Bass! 


SpectraComp is the same multi-band compressor that you'll find in the Blacksmith. In essence, you get a 'compressor per string' that is not fooled by the impact of the lower strings only, which is a known problem when using single-band compressors for bass.


The Flanger effect builds on our Vortex Flanger pedal that has amazed and inspired bass players all over the world ever since its release in 2010. 

Bass Drive

Bass Drive will give you the same convincing tube-like character that the TubeTone feature of e.g. RH750 and the Blacksmith is so famous for. On top af that, it can also get downright dirty and add drive, distortion or fuzz for more heavy duties.


The Vibrato effect is similar to our Vibrato Shaker pedal. It may not be the most common effect for bass players, but many have found it great for experimenting with new styles and creative ideas. 

Double Up on Awesome!

Fellow bass players, we know you've all been starving for this - And now it's actually here! Introducing: Combined TonePrint for all TonePrint enabled Bass Amps.

Now a single TonePrint slot on your amp can host two different effects at once - pretty sweet, huh? Indeed it is! We've served up six Combined TonePrints to get you going, all based on the sweet merger of the SpectraComp and the TubeDrive. What's extra sweet is there's no need for any upgrades. Just plug in, beam that Combined TonePrint to your amp, and start rockin'!

Take it to the next level

You thought you had us all figured out, right? A TonePrint is just a TonePrint, right? We don't blame you. But here at TC we're all about pushing things forward, and taking that next step into unknown sonic territories. That's why we've come up with the best thing since bass-strings. A combination of two or more high quality TC effects, to take your creativity to the next level!

Updates are so last year!

Who has time for software updates!? We just wanna rock, right!? That's why we've made it so that Combined TonePrint just works straight off the bat. Simply plug in your bass, and beam that nice Combined TonePrint to your amp, or upload it via USB. Less work, more fun!

This is Just the Beginning

For starters we have made six specially crafted Combined TonePrints for you to try. But there is more to come! The Combined TonePrint catalogue will keep on expanding with awesome combinations of our legendary TC effects. So remember to stay tuned!

Footswitch 3 - Control Is Everything

You wanna push your gear to peak performance, squeeze every ounce of tone out of it and instantly recall the sounds you need. Switch-3 allows you to do just that with this ultra-robust control unit that is tailormade to give you extended control on your Nova System, Nova Drive, BG250 Bass Combo or BH250 Bass Micro Head.

Nothing but sturdy hard-wearing quality known from other TC products built to endure life on the road. 3-button full-metal casing standard footswitch available for Nova System, giving you remote control of Nova System features such as preset up/down, bypass, effects mute, tap tempo, etc.

When using Switch-3 with BG250 the first switch operates as a mute. The second switches the TubeDrive on and off. The third switches TonePrint on and off.

When using Switch-3 with BH250 the first switch is mute. The second switches TonePrint on and off. The third switches between the two latest TonePrints loaded into the amp, giving you the option of storing and using two TonePrints.


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