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AmARHyll 44 pedalboard - £149.00 + £8 UK shipping

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Put your pedal to the metal

The AmARHyll series of professional pedalboards are built from powder coated aluminum in exceptional quality. They are available in a range of lengths, 44cm, 61cm and 76cm ans depth of 31cm. The 44 is suitable for 7 - 10 standard pedals, measures 44cm x 31cm.

The AmARHyll has the height to accommodate most power supplies underneath, making cabling simple and safe. The front profile protects the cable connections and the flanges underneath make it possible to attach all your cables the strips provided.

All boards come complete with velcro, cable strips, manual and a Torx wrench for tensioning and adjustment should it be necessary.

Each pedalboard model has an optional matching hardcase designed specifically to fit the pedalboard snugly and safely inside, for maximum protection from roadies.


Tel: 01926 886433

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