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Aguilar Fuzzistor Pedal

Bass direct - OUT OF STOCK

Limited edition Silver Version £189

Delivering the deep and textured tone that Aguilar bass pedals are famous for, crank up the fuzz and 1971 will be in the house!

The Fuzzistor® provides classic silicon transistor distortion with complete control over the BLEND of the clean and Fuzz sound, amount of FUZZ from subtle to crushing, LEVEL for gain matching, and TILT EQ that changes the harmonic structure of the Fuzz from booming to gnarly.

analogue Silicon transistor distortion

Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies)

Powered by one nine volt battery or optional universal power supply

Heavy Duty steel construction

Inputs: One 1/4" jack

Outputs: One 1/4" jack

Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound
Continuously variable multipole low-pass Filter for Octave sound

Controls: Engage switch

Warranty: Three year limited

Optional: 9 volt power supply

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Tel: 01926 886433

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