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Aero D Buzz 20‘ ST-ST    £55.00 - Out of stock

Aero D Buzz 15’ ST-ST   £55.00 - Out of stock

Aero D Buzz 15‘ ST- 90º  £55.00 - Out of stock

Aero D Buzz 10’ ST-ST  £55.00

Aero D Buzz 10’ ST-90º  £55.00

Aero D BuzzX Extension lead   £55.00

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Aero dBuz Noise Cancelling Cable

Aero dBuz

the simple low cost product that every musician should have in their gig bag!

  1. 1/4" phone plug at each end

  2. NO modification

  3. NO soldering

  4. NO 3rd party installation

  5. Ask yourself the following questions:

  6. Is a quiet passage of music ruined by hum?

  7. In the studio, do you fight to record a quiet track?

  8. Do you find yourself moving around stage to find a quiet location?

  9. During live shows, does your instrument fail to ground?

  10. Has the bridge ground in your guitar broken?

  11. Do you hear buzzing when you remove your fingers from the strings?

  12. Are plastic-coated strings preventing the instrument from grounding?

  13. Is your Aluminum bridge causing ground noise?

  14. Are your acoustic instruments difficult or impossible to ground?

  15. Have you been chasing ground loops?

  16. Does over-shielding or shielding paint cause buzz?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then Aero has THE solution to your problems!

Aero dBuz is a unique grounding device which solves 99.99% of all these ground noise problems, and most importantly leaves the music content of the signal completely unaltered.

Additionally, Aero dBuz cancels 50 to 85% of magnetic pickup "single coil noise," though the exact amount depends upon the instrument, the type of pickup, and the pickup locations.

Using Aero dBuz is literally PLUG AND PLAY, because it’s incorporated into a polarized instrument cable, which has a ¼" phone plug at each end. NO modification of your instrument or other equipment. NO outside technician. NO soldering.