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As the bass guitar moves through the 21st Century and the five string bass celebrates its 60th birthday there has never been a better time to make the step up to five string. The five string bass actually makes playing easier, with many extra hand positions available plus the benefit of the extra low notes (on a bass tuned B-G) which is important as so much modern music is written with bass lines requiring notes below E or high notes for soloing and chords on a bass tuned E - C.

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Five/Six String - The Bass Direct ERB (Extended range bass) Philosophy:

Since the 1980s the five string and more recently six, seven, eight etc string bass has appeared on the scene. Initially thought of as a bit of a gimmick the five string bass especially has now become almost a standard with many players who see its benefits. With so much contemporary music now using bass lines well below the standard four string E, unless you chose to use dropped tuning it can be difficult to get the right notes. But - it is not all about the extra five notes. With a tight a useable B string you can play many more positions between the 5th and 12th fret which open up a huge array of new positions and bass lines available to you.

There has been a huge amount of R&D done by various manufactures as to how to get this thicker/heavier string to work in conjunction with the other strings in order for it to be useable and sound like it belongs on the same bass as the other strings! We believe that this can only be achieved where a bass has been designed as an ERB/five string bass from the outset as the whole instrument has to be made more carefully, with more attention to detail in order to allow the string to work properly. This is achieved by improving the neck stiffness/strength and how well the neck fits in the body, as well as improved pickups and electronics.

The ERB basses we sell all excel in these departments; many being hand made, the attention to detail and craftsmanship allows the strings to sound even across the range; from the lowest note to the highest note. If you truly want to use the low B all the way up and down the neck, which can make your playing a lot easier, then we strongly suggest that you try some of our basses to see just how well they work.

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