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WAL Mark I Custom Fretless (1989) Shedua facings


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  2. We present a 1989 bass in superb condition with a few small marks in the finish. The bass features a superb flamed Shedua top finished in natural gloss and features a lined fretless ebony fingerboard. Cleaned and set up with new strings and comes with a new Mono Vertigo case. Weight: 10lb 14oz 4.9kg

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Wal bass guitars first came onto the scene in 1976, when first-call session player John G. Perry asked Ian Waller (“Wal” to his friends), to build a bass that would combine the best features of the ubiquitous Fender and Gibson basses of the time. The bass that he designed looked and sounded unique and it was immediately clear to both men that this was too good an instrument to keep to themselves. The Wal bass story had begun. Wal and his business partner Pete “the fish” Stevens (a highly skilled wood-machinist and experienced sound engineer) began a short run of Custom basses, the “JG” series, named after the owner of the first of these, John Gustafson, and its short-scale “JP” sister model based on John G. Perry’s. From the outset Wal talked to top-flight players like Percy Jones, John Entwistle and Alan Spenner, and recording producers like Rupert Hine, involving them in the design process and in road- and studio-testing the instruments he built. This was the Wal philosophy: to build the ultimate instrument, designed by professionals, for professionals. Virtually every component of the instrument, with the exception of the tuners, was designed from the ground up. The heart of each bass was the revolutionary Wal pickup, which has remained virtually unchanged ever since and is still unrivalled in the sheer range of detail and power it provides. In 1978 the ‘Electric Wood’ company was formed and began production of the Wal Pro Bass, the first production line instrument. With its innovative electronics and fine build quality, the Pro Bass soon became a market leader and Electric Wood was thriving.


Wal heavy cast bridge/tail piece to allow individual and independent adjustment of intonation and string height, as well as simple hook in string anchorage finished in satin black with stainless steel bass/plate and adjustment screws with plated brass saddles.

Schaller, low gear, heavy duty tuners for Mk1 and Mk2 basses.

Hipshot Ultralites tuners for Mk3 basses.

Plated brass strap buttons, string guides, neck anchor plate and assembly screws are normally in heavy polished chrome, but 22ct. fine gold is available to order at a slight extra cost

Aluminium control knobs.

Machined and knurled for perfect

rotary and push/pull action.

Satin black anodized with clearly

engraved graduations.