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Yamaha TRB 1006J (list £999)

Trans Black £825 FREE UK shipping

Natural £825 FREE UK shipping

Caramel Brown £825 FREE UK shipping

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A very popular and well made instrument from Yamaha, 35" scale gives a super B string and a slim necks enable fast playing. The bass is well balanced and has a big variety of tones with the Alnico pickups and 3 band preamp.

Gloss Black

Caramel Brown

Trans Black


Product Description

This is 6-string version of the monster bass, TRB series. TRB was born as a versatile 6-string bass guitar along with the greater involvement of synthesizers in music in end of 1980s. TRB has been developed to cover low tonal range with a 6th string (low B), which could not be reached by orthodox 4-string bass, and also the 1st (high C) makes possible for advanced players for further improvisation and expression.

  1. 1Yamaha TRB1006 J Specifications

  2. 2Scale Length: 35" (889mm)

  3. 317.5mm string spacing at bridge

  4. 4Fingerboard: Rosewood

  5. 5Body: Quilted Maple top/Alder body

  6. 6Neck: Maple/Mahogany

  7. 7Bridge: Solid Brass

  8. 8Pickups: Alnico-V Hum-Canceled

  9. 9Preamp: 3 band


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