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Secondhand TC Electronic K210, 400w, 2 x 10” speaker cabinet


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  2. Secondhand cabinet in great condition.

The new K-210 bass cab from TC Electronic K Series continues to set a high standard for affordable, strongly built speakers with great sound quality. Designed to be mixed and matched the K series cabinets are perfect for the BH550 and BH800 TonePrint Amps. With 2 custom-made 10” drivers and a 1” ceramic tweeter they have genuinely amazing sound.

Lightweight and strong.

If you’ve ever had to move a bass amp you’ll know they weigh a ton. The K Series are designed to be lightweight while not compromising on tone. At only 20kg the K210 is up to half the weight of similar size units. Take some of the hassle out of your pre gig setup with a reliable lightweight cab.

Built to Impress

From the sturdy ply construction to the cool and clean vintage exterior this cab is sure to grab some attention. The hand-selected high quality custom drivers, developed with an unparalleled attention to tone, give both bright top end and thunderous, growling lows. Wherever you find yourself on the neck of your bass, or however many strings it’s got, the K210 will have you sounding your best.


  1. 400 Watt Power handling

  2. 8Ohm Impedance

  3. Dual Speakon Connections

  4. Weight: 20kg (44lbs)

  5. Supports vertical stacking


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