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Proudly Presenting! The new stageClix 5.8 Jack - Version 3, New for 2016

After a few years serving many satisfied users worldwide the stageClix system has been redesigned. While all arguments for choosing the old system are still valid and the old system still can be used the world has changed which urged us, the stageClix team, to present the player an alternative.

What do you mean the world has changed?

The original stageClix system was developed to get rid of the side effects of analog (UHF) wireless systems such as companding (which alters your sound) and, far more important, the transmitter frequencies allowed to be used. These frequencies can differ per country and have been seen to change after a few years due to new regulations. These changes make your wireless system worthless as it is illegal to use it.

But that's old news. We covered that problem in the old stageClix system already by making use of the worldwide legal to use 2.4 GHz frequency band. This band is also known as the WiFi band.

And that WiFi use was our motivation for redevelopment. In the years since the release of the original stageClix the use if WiFi has virtually exploded. This means that in a crowded venue a stageClix system may have to "find it's way" between many (smartphones anyone?) WiFi devices continuously checking for WiFi availability. Not to speak about other on stage devices also using the 2.4Ghz band like wireless In Ear systems, musicscore tablets and more. This made us realise that this might start to cause user problems in the future.

So, enter 5.8G Hz!!

While we could maintain all sonic capabilities (that is: your music!) of the old system we redesigned the system transmit through the "newer" 5.8GHz frequency band. That's WiFi too but without, since there's relatively little devices using this band, the overcrowded character of the "old" 2.4GHz band. This dramatically decreases the chance your performance is corrupted by poor connectivity.

Therefore, when looking for a wireless system, choosing between a 2.4GHz system (that is: all stageClix competitor products) or a 5.8GHz system can be considered a no-brainer.

What's left after that is to mention the "standard" arguments to choose for a stageClix system like:

  1. -Integrated rechargeable battery which can be charged by plugging the jack in the transmitter.
    - CD quality (actually, it's 24-bit and that's better!) digital audio.
    - Triple Diversity transmission avoiding signal dropouts.
    - Multiple selectable channels so multiple systems can be used at the same time
    - Very low latency (delay between transmitter and receiver of approx 3mS.
    - Active RFI suppression, will suppress RFI sometimes caused by active instruments with preamps.

  2. -front led screen which shows; battery level, signal level, channel selected, RF

  3. -Rear outputs: Jack (unbalanced) XLR (balanced)

StageClix 'Pack' 2.4Ghz Tri-Diversity Digital Guitar Wireless System

StageClix quote -
We are pleased to announce the StageClix “Pack”,  redefining the benchmark in belt pack wireless systems.  It brings the freedom of movement that digital wireless offers to a new, higher level, serving a very broad range of performers and artists.

The transmitter has two inputs:  3.5mm high impedance jack for instruments, and a 2.5mm jack with a pre-amp. With this combination, the “Pack” can offer wireless  freedom to artists and performers who are using  active & passive guitars, basses and other string instruments, keyboards, all wind instrument mics, percussion, piano, vocal and presentation mics, etc.

All performers have their own specific needs.  Some guitarists & bassists want to have the traditional ‘wired’ sound, others prefer a crystal clear full-range sound. For presentation & broadcast purposes a pure digital sound is far more appropriate.  stageClix delivers both. And you can switch between sounds anytime you like, just by pressing a button.

The “Pack” continues to provide all the Unique Selling Points of the “Jack” for which stageClix is already known - like rechargeable NIMH batteries, receiver with a built  in charger, 15 hours playing time on one charge, no menus, a frequency response of  20Hz-20kHz±3db, 24 bit digital converters, no audible latency (2.4 ms), twelve userselectable channels, and unique triple-diversity. And like the ‘Jack’, it operates in the future-proof 2.4GHz band, legal throughout the UK & EU, and completely side-stepping the government frequency sell off  problem. Heavy weight features, but with a transmitter weighing only 72 grammes.

In addition, the Pack comes with a 6.35mm to 3.5mm cable, two different belt clips and a Velcro cable strap, all housed in a foam-lined carry case. And to round it all off, three professional microphones will be available as optional extras – an earhook boom mic, a lavalier mic and a cabinet-mount mic.


StageClix specs -
Trans Freq - 2.4MHz
Audio Quality - 24 bit digital converter
Freq response - 20hz - 20kKhz +- 3db
No audible latency (~2.5ms)
No Compander!
Tx Size - 79x49x15mm, 72grams
Rx Size - 115x85x35mm, 200grams
Battery - Rechargeable NiMH batteries, 15hrs life, 1 hour charging = 4 hours of play
Rx Power supply - 110v-240v, includes changeable plug options.

Professional extension cable + stageClix pouch combination.

There are a (very) few guitars and basses where the physical position of their output jack means it is not possible to plug in the Jack transmitter.  Also, some active instruments with less than perfect screening of their active electronics can create spurious noises.


The answer in both cases is the Extension Lead and pouch. Simply put the transmitter in the leather pouch, plug the jack into the Locking Neutrik Jack socket on the lead, and the mono jack at the other end into your instrument.  The pouch and transmitter can be put in your back pocket, or attached to your belt or guitar strap with the supplied velcro strap.  A side benefit for some users is that the cable introduces typical cable impedance, which some players prefer.

Extra transmitter: switch fast & easy between guitars.

Extra Euro power supply: full redundancy live on stage

Stageclix Pack - NEW (£445)

STAGECLIX PACK - digital wireless system for guitar and bass (2.400-2.488GHz frequency range), 12x channels, 20Hz-20kHz, metal housing, bodypack receiver with mic and line input, 100m range, switchable cable simulation (analogue/digital), 24bit digital converter, battery charger on the receiver, up to 15hr battery life, jack output, includes power supply.

There are two inputs on the transmitter, one for line level instruments and one for the optional microphones,.


New for 2011 - version 2 with cable capacitance mode - when transmitter button is held for 5 seconds you get a warmer tone to simulate a cable

•24 bit digital converter

•No compander !

•One hour charging = four hours playing

•Works 15 hours straight when fully charged

•Sturdy polycarbonate housing

•Comes with belt clip and velcro attachments

•Uses a professional connecting lead made from high quality cables and metal jacks


•Fast charger for transmitter, one hour charging = four hours of play

•Stompbox sized rugged metal housing

•No difficult menus (TRUE plug & play)

Audio quality:

•Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz +/- 1db

•No audible latency (2,4 ms)

  1. Signal to noise ratio typical 97dB


Is stageClix Jack, as opposed to many other systems, legal to use worldwide ?

The chosen frequency, 2.4 GHz band, is available worldwide and therefore legal to use.

Is it possible to buy a second Jack transmitter for usage on the same receiver?

Yes. Just plug in a second transmitter and the receiver will synchronise it. Just do not use them both at the same time.

Does stageClix Jack cooperate properly with active elements (e.g. active basses) ?

There are some active basses with a poorly shielded active elements, which conflicts with stageClix Jack.

To solve the issue with those basses / guitars - we suggest to use the extension cable which is available by all our dealers in Europe

"A trouble free system that sounds as good as a cable and isn't threatened by the impending changes in UHF and VHF radio frequency allocations" Review in PERFORMING MUSICIAN MAGAZINE UK

Review in "Gitarre & Bass" (German Magazine:

""Very robust construction and a perfect dynamic sound.....A refreshingly innovative system for a fair price."

"I’m really enjoying using it. We played a gig in a theatre on Saturday night and I managed to run off stage, up a spiral staircase onto a balcony for the finale of our set – all without a hitch. Great fun!"
Steven Lawson, Editor, Total Guitar, 8th July 2009.

"...I rather like the simplicity and effectiveness of the stageClix, and though it might cost a little more than a conventional system, it offers good noise performance without those dreadful compander side effects, which counts for a lot.  There's also no question of it being outlawed when the digital TV switchover and expanding mobile device market eats up the existing radio mic frequencies."
- Paul White, Editor in chief, Performing Musician, June 2009.

Submitted on the 18th August by Sue who purchased a purchased a Stage Clix Jack, wireless system

Many thanks,

By the way stage clix works brilliantly, light, simple and effective, perfect.



Submitted on the 3rd December 2013 by Arindam who purchased a Stageclix wireless system

Hello Mark

Used the stageclix for gig on Friday, made life so much easier. True plug-n-play indeed with no loss in tone or timing. I always prefer to go wireless particularly on packed stages, and with dingwall and the shuttle 3-10x2 combo, perfect... So much freedom!!

Must pop by for pedalboard!

Submitted on the 30th September 2012 by David who purchased a Stageclix Jack II wireless

As for the StageClix - it's like magic… if you have the money this is *the* gadget to have… I didn't know if it would be worth it, but now I can ponce about the stage like a pro ;)


Submitted on the 30th April 2012 by Twig who purchased a Stageclix Jack wirelesss

Hi Mark,


The Stageclix Jack arrived promptly and safely on Friday and was used in anger on Saturday night. You are so right about it and no, I can’t imagine going back to a lead now! It was a huge benefit at sound check and gave me a clear, uncluttered sound with, I believe, a more focused tone for the gig. Set up was ‘plug and play’ simple, I am absolutely delighted with it, worth every penny. 

Very many thanks for your as ever excellent service.


All the best,



Submitted on the 3rd April 2010 by David who purchased the Stageclix wirelss system

Hi Mark,

Would just like to say that the Stage Clix Jack is absolutely FAB.

Does exactly as I expected from reading the PM review & specs

TOTALLY transparent solid link just as good as a nice bit of cable

Does exactly what it says on the box, pro kit.

My Jazz bass does have a bit more edge through the RH450 & 210 but great sound never the less.

worth every penny.

David Storey