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Squier Deluxe Dimension 5, Black (2014) 


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  3. Pre-owned 2014 bass in great condition with a mark in the finish on the lower edge near the input jack: weight 4.5kg

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The Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V bass guitar in black delivers an exceptional 5-string model at a price that anyone can take advantage of. Using its more expensive Fender cousin for inspiration, the Squier model is a fine composition of sublime tonewoods, carefully selected appointments and superbly executed design.


Adopting the same body profile as the Fender model, the Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V bass guitar is complete with offset-waist and slender curves. The shapely body guarantees a comfortable playing feel thanks to the finely balanced weight distribution, making it a joy to wield. Whether you play whilst standing up, or sitting down with the bass resting on your leg, the Deluxe feels 'just right'. The tonewood is lightweight, and guarantees a well-rounded tonality to ensure that whatever style of music you're tackling, you are guaranteed a smooth and consistent output.

The body is home to the rugged and reliable Fender Hi-Mass bridge, which provides a seamless connection between the strings and body. You can rest assured that intonation is upheld with absolute accuracy, and when you really want to dig in to get a meatier response, the bridge is well up to the task.


Fitted to the body is a responsive maple neck, which provides a sturdy and responsive playing support. Though this is a 5-string model, Squier have gone to great lengths to ensure the playing feel accommodates those who're used to 4-strings, without the fingerboard feeling crowded. Matched with the neck is a delightful rosewood fingerboard, home to 21-frets that are all easily accessible thanks to the deep double-cutaway body profile. The tuning machines hold strings steadfast no matter how hard you rock out.


The single high-output humbucker pickup, along with the accompanying three-band EQ and master volume pot, delivers a mind-blowing assortment of tones that are rich in complexity and filled with power. Whether you're looking to create a tight, compressed-sounding output, a thumping midrange swell, or a deep, cavernous low-end rumble, you can shape your output signal with ease using the controls at your disposal.

The Squier Dimension Bass V bass guitar in black isn't just a beginner's dream, it is great for touring professionals who require a consistent backup model - or a budget-friendly go-to - that is built to take a beating, and yields beautiful tones with a gracefulness that makes it the envy of all others.




Deluxe Dimension Bass V Bass Guitar

Neck Material


Fingerboard Material


Number of Strings


Pickup Configuration






Number of Frets


Scale Length


Fretboard Radius


Fretboard Inlays

Black Dot


Bridge: High-Output Humbucking


Fender Hi-Mass


Master Volume 

Three-Band Active EQ with Treble Boost/Cut 

Bass Boost/Cut 

Mid Boost/Cut


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