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Customer Feedback;

Submitted on the 12th January 2018 by Filip in Belgium who purchased a Sandberg Vs4  bass

Hello Marcus

I took delivery on Thursday of my new California vs4 Hardcore Aged White. I have never been this impressed with the quality of a musical instrument. The neck, the ageing, the pickups, the weight...phenomenal!

Thank you for making the awesome service and quick delivery off my new bass guitar! 


Submitted on the 30th March 2015 by Stuart who purchased a Sandberg VM5  bass

Hi Mark,

After owning many basses and to a certain extent following the crowd with the usual brands I discovered Sandberg basses.

I now own 2 Sandberg basses and can say they are without doubt the best made basses I have ever played.

The hardware is of great quality and each of the basses has it's unique voice.

I used to always crave after US made instruments and, to one day own a number of different makes and models, now simply put it's Sandberg all the way!

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of spending around £1200 on a new bass to definitely try these amazing instruments.

Bass Direct can help with custom orders and also carry a number in stock.

Sandbergs configurator on their website is very cool too!

Thanks Marcus and Mark. Really happy with the VM5. A great tone, and an instrument that is so comfortable to play too.



Submitted on the 28th October 2015 by Pete who purchased a Sandberg Panther 5   bass and Bergantino HD210 and NV115 cabinets

Hi mate


I’m so chuffed with the gear I had from your super duper shop today. Thanks for putting up me with me plucking away for so long. I’ve already recommended you to all my fellow bassists in staffs.


Thanks again



Submitted on the 8th October 2015 by Stuart who purchased a Sandberg TM4  bass

Just writing to say thanks for the incredible service! Could not be happier with my custom Sandberg. Mark was such a great help and the customer service was perfect. Thanks again!

Submitted on the 2nd October 2015 by Steve who purchased a Sandberg TM4  bass

Just took delivery of my TM4 California.

Just over the 5 months, but well worth the wait. It is all I expected and some. Having owned fender basses which I love, this gloss cream with ebony finger board Sandberg is fantastic. I just cannot put it down. Great advice and service, so remember guys when I order a new strap for it.

I will be using this baby for gigs.

I'm a member of Hang Five Band based in Plymouth.

Thanks again, kind regards, Steve.

Submitted on the 16th June 2015 by Darren who purchased a Sandberg VM5  bass

Hi mark,

Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with my vm5. Truly stunning bass, can't get over the quality of the instrument. Looking forward to doing many gigs with it! 

Thanks,  Dave 

Submitted on the 5th April 2015 by Paul who purchased a pair of custom Sandberg bass guitars

Hi Guys,


Just want to say thank you very much for arranging delivery of my new Basses J


They look and sound absolutely fantastic!!


Very very happy!!


Thanks again, Paul

Submitted on the 23rd March 2015 by Darren who purchased a Sandberg TM5  bass

Hi Mark and all at Bass Direct,

I took delivery of my new (aged) Sandberg TM5 last week, via my wife Helen and my father in law - all rather complicated because Helen was trying to keep it a secret for my birthday next week. I ended up blowing the secret, because I wondered aloud to her whether I should contact you to find out from Sandberg how the build was going!

I'm delighted that it came in a month ahead of time, and I've had a chance to check it out at home and I'm really impressed. Thank you for guiding me through the Sandberg range when I came in, for listening and advising as appropriate, and helping me towards getting this great bass. I'm sure as I get to use it more I'll have a lot more to say in its favour... But for now:

- It looks great: love the soft ageing, which includes the nickelware

- Its range of tones is very impressive, and it's a joy to play

- it's half a kilo lighter than my jazz V, so thanks for putting in that request with Sandberg for a light body! Just placed an order for a comfort Strapp with you, so I look forward to that arriving too.

Thanks again for a great bass-buying experience.

Submitted on the 4th April March by Brian who purchased a Sandberg VM4 bass

Hi Mark
Received the Sandberg VM4 on Tuesday as you said but didn't get a chance to play it until last night.
Wow! Huge range of tones even through my Orange terror bass. Typical Sandberg fit and finish (top notch) and the playability is excellent. This will stand the test of time, its built like a tank.
My only niggle is maybe I should have gone for 5 strings! But hey that can be my future purchase

Service from you was excellent.  Very fair part ex price on my bass. Best communication I've ever had on an internet based purchase. Delivered on time. Faultless, consider me a returning future customer.

Submitted on the 15th March by Dan who purchased a Sandberg TM5 HCA bass

HI Mark


Thanks for the Sandberg California TM5 Hardcore aged that you sent me last week.

It arrived on time. It is the best bass I have ever owned for playability and sound, even better than my Fender Jazz American Deluxe V.

Also, thanks for accepting the friend’s request for my band Ursine Princes on Facebook.




Submitted on the 13th August 2013 by Martin who purchased a Sandberg JM5 bass guitar

Mark - just to confirm safe receipt of the Sandberg JM5. It is another superb instrument and I'm delighted with it. I'm loving these Sandbergs!

Submitted on the 31st July 2013 by Liam who purchased a secondhand Sandberg TT 4

Fantastic service. I live abroad (Monaco) and thought that the ordering process might be difficult. Not at all Bass Direct made it really easy. Delivery only took two days and my bass arrived in tune. Remarkable service from a great company. My bass is lovely too. Sandbergs are brilliant value for money.

Submitted on the 2nd July 2013 by Niels who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and a pair of  Genz Benz Focus NX2 112T cabinets, with a Sandberg VM4 bass

Hi Mark

Just a quick line to let you know the new Genz Benz rig and Sandberg bass got their first outing on Saturday night and sounded amazing.  Also managed to load & unload without assistance for the first time ever!

Thanks for all your help


Submitted on the 29th May 2013 who Paul purchased  Sandberg PM4  bass

Hi Mark

Just a quick word to say thanks for your help. The Sandberg is such an amazing instrument. Brilliant setup, lovely action and neck. All beautifully made. Tone controls are fantastic but the most important thing is that it really makes you want to keep playing. I haven't been able to put it down. Awesome! I used it on a theatre gig the same day i picked it up and a big band the same week It was really comfortable to play and the sound was fantastic.

It really is good to be able to get first class and unbiased help and advice. It was very much appreciated.

Many thanks


Submitted on the 29th October 2012 by Costas in Australia, who purchased a Sandberg VM4 HCA bass

Hi Mark,


I have just returned from a wonderful holiday.  Naturally, I swung by my parents as soon as possible and picked up the parcel you sent me.


I opened up the case and thought “holy moly”.  This bass looks road worn all right!!!  All my other basses are mint and this is completely the opposite.  However, it is seriously cool and I love it.  A totally different look!


Looks great, but the test is in the sound... so I grabbed my cable and readied myself.


Upon plugging it in and playing a few runs  I thought “wow”!!!  This bass sounds fantastic.  Some amazing sounds coming from this beauty.  It also plays lovely – the action is just spot on.  I am thrilled with this instrument and look forward to many years of musical inspiration with this bass.  Thank you for your great service!  I am looking forward to buying my next bass from you.


I couldn’t be happier Mark.  Thanks again!!!

Costas Tsiouklas

Submitted on the 15th August 2012 by Martin who purchased a Sandberg Marlowe DK  bass

Mark - what an unbelievable sound! Had to drop the action just a touch, but the tone from that bass is awesome. Love the pick-ups and the blend knob - better than a Fender by far. Really, really pleased. It will only get better when it gets played in.

The way they have aged it is excellent too - this is the best relic I have seen. Very nicely done. Makes me want more Sandbergs!

Many thanks, well worth the wait!

Enjoy your break, Martin

Submitted on the 15th March by Dan who purchased a Sandberg TM5 LH bass

Hi Mark

I just thought I'd send you a mail after having chance to play around with my new Sandberg TT5 in Marley blue.

The sounds from the guitar are exactly as I had hoped and more, as with my VM4 the tonal capabilities of the guitar are huge and I can see my go to guitar from here on out.

The attention to detail on the ageing process is awesome. Every little nick in the pick guard and scratching of the paintwork is superb.

Thank you for helping me select the guitar and please pass on my gratitude to the guys of Sandberg for their excellent craftsmanship.

All the best,



New Ida Nielsen bass coming in 2016

NEW: Sandberg Guitars California MarloweDK 5-string Bass!

Almost 2 years have passed since we introduced MarloweDK's Signature California. During this period, we have spent a lot of time with Thomas playing clinics and discussing bass matters. The question posed many times during the clinics was about the possibility of a 5string version of his bass. Finally, we're happy to announce "HERE IT IS!". This new model is based on his 4string version, but of course there are a few special features. We kept the slightly thinner neck and the customised pickup positions, but the neck features a 35 inch scale which is especially useful for a powerful sounding b-string.

MarloweDK picked a "very" Hardcore Aged Black as the standard colour finish for this new model, but we're also able to offer all the other colours and finish types from our comprehensive options list. The new Sandberg California MarloweDK 5string is now available to order now!

Jeans Finish 

now available as a regular custom option!

Over the last year we have experimented extensively with some new and really unusual techniques in order to create individual never-seen finishes for our instruments.

After the first successful experiments with leather-coated instruments it inspired us to try the same with the good old denim jeans. We liked the result so much that we can now offer the "Jeans Finish" as a regular custom option. 

There's not much more to say about it, the picture speak for themselves! (upcharge and delivery time on request)

New top wood:


We're also frequently trying out new top woods to find additional candidates for our "Exotic Wood Tops" list. One of the most spectacular new additions is Buckeye-Burl. 

It comes from California and is known for extraordinary beautiful wood grains, inclusions and colour variations. 

A bass made with this wood top will always retain a unique individual look and be substantially different even from a  bass built to the exact same specifications. Ask your sandberg dealer of trust about prices and delivery times

New option on all basses when custom ordered - custom soft case;

List £119 - cost when ordered with bass £80!

Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor 20th Anniversary £1450


Since 20 years the Basic Ken Taylor is our flagship - due to its very variable and extremely versatile sound it rightly became a success story. more than enough reason to celebrate this instrument! That is why we brought the Basic Ken Taylor 20th Anniversary back in its original shape. Developed in close cooperation with Ken Taylor it was soon established as a popular stage and recording instrument with professionals and studios worldwide. It is fat and has presence and shows even du- ring the wildest sessions who is the sheriff on stage! Ken has played it on hundreds of professional recordings – for instance with Bruce Springsteen, Brian May, Gianna Nannini, Sally Oldfield, Xavier Naidoo, Robert Palmer, Peter Maffay, Udo Lindenberg, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Scorpions, Sonny Landreth and many more...


As Ken always says: this bass is loyal like an old friend – absolutely reliable and always great when it is needed!


Specs: 6 x bolted canadian hardrock maple neck, maple fingerboard, 24 frets, 34" scale, alder body, black highgloss finish, sandberg chrome hardware, 2 sandberg powerhumbucker w/ pickup split, 3-bd active EQ (active / passive), UNIQUE FEATURES: Special Pickguard and Control Plate


Sandberg California Nighthawk TM & VM


Are they awesome? Yes! They are! A party animal in a black velvet outfit with a well trained voice! Our new Black Label Series pickups give these instruments a nice extra in mid-range that makes your guts shake! It’s al- most impossible to get a more spicy, crispy, meaty tone out of the lower frequencies... That is modern vintage sound!


Specs: 6 x bolted canadian hardrock maple neck, 22 frets or fretless, 34" scale, alder body, black matt finish, matched headstock, NEW sandberg black label series V/M- & T/M-style pickups, 2-bd EQ (aktive / passive), UNIQUE FEATURES: Special Hairline Structure Black Aluminum Pickguard


Nighthawk ™ prices are £1425 for TM™ and £1375 for the VM™

ELECTRA is now available IN CREME SAME PRICE AS THE 3TSB £699 AND £649 RRP

All Sandberg basses come fully Plek'd

What is a Plek?

The Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling machine. It can level frets to within .001 mm accuracy. This kind of precision can not be matched by doing the job by hand.

How to get the best playing guitar?

Most players dream of having comfortable, smooth action on a guitar. With the PLEK, the most optimal string action possible for any instrument can be realized. This gives the individual musician an instrument that plays exactly the way he has dreamed of. Optimal playability on a guitar makes it sounds better with notes that ring true and clean. There is no fret buzz under normal playing conditions and the intonation problems that occur because of high string action, are eliminated. You can hear and feel the difference.

Plek scans neck with strings up to pitch?

When we take a look at a guitar neck, it is important that the guitar is under string tension and in playing condition when measured. The Plek measures the instruments neck and fret height with the instrument strung up to pitch. The computer ascertained a 3-D like graph of the fret board surface, including the position and height of the strings. Thanks to the PLEK SCAN the relief of the neck made by the string tension is taken into account while calculating the process-parameters. The operator then has the ability to manipulate the parameters to give the player an optimal playing instrument.

Can any guitar or bass be Plek'd?

Almost all acoustic and electric instruments, from any manufacturer can be put on the machine.

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