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Safran Semi Acoustic  Lacewood Top

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  2. Hand built in Belgium and designed in conjunction with Bass Direct to encompass the best cross of an electric bass with an acoustic bass. All aspects of the bass were carefully considered from the aesthetics and playability to the feel and tone. This custom made bass features some unique features such as the custom floating pickup that is an extension of the ebony fingerboard making a built in finger-ramp, the bridge is designed to keep the look simple but solid and effective. The control are simple: volume and passive tone and are built in to the ebony bridge tailpiece so give a classic, sleek look. The pickups is a hand wound single coil with reverse windings on one side to allow hum-cancelling with no compromising of tone. The copper winds of the pickup also compliment the stunning Lacewood top and chambered Cedar body. The neck is a really amazing piece of design and gives a comfortable yet solid feel to this lightweight instrument, being a perfect compromise between the feel of an acoustic and electric bass. The bass is strung with Thomastik JR344s and the tone is warm and natural with woody overtones and due to the ease of adjusting the right hand position it is very easy to adjust the tone whilst playing.

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  1. -Medium weight Cedar body, fully chambered, minimum 6 years aged

  2. -Lacewood top (London Plane) - minimum 6 years aged

  3. -Hard maple, two  piece, quarter sawn neck with oil finish

  4. -African Ebony fingerboard, AAA grade, FSC labeled

  5. -Custom wound Safran single coil magnetic pickup

  6. -African Ebony two-piece bridge with bone saddle and ebony knobs

  7. -Controls: volume, pan

  8. -Schaller Satin chrome M4 light tuners

  9. -Schaller Satin Chrome strap S locks

  10. -Bone nut

  11. -nut width 42mm

  12. -Graphite Reinforcement in Neck

  13. -Strings: Thomastik JF344

  14. -Gator Progo case

  15. -Weight: 3.12kg