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Bass Direct have put together a great selection of professional quality pre-amps for any high quality bass rig or studio set up. We have both studio/live outboard preamps and replacement onboard preamps.

Outboard preamps

PJ Bassbuddy | EBS | Eden | Basswitch | EWS | Acouswitch | Basics

Headway | Radial | Basics | Grace Design | Providence | Trace Elliot

Mesa Boogie Preamp | Trickfish Trilobite

Grace Design - FELIX

A 2 channel preamp with configurable output

Comprehensive eq

Balanced DI outputs

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The warm, musical Tone and powerful features of our SUBWAY® D-800™ Bass Head are now available in a Gig-Bag-Pocket ready package for floor or desktop that boasts friendly connectivity, take anywhere flexibility and ultimate control. Features include Gain, Active BASS, LOW-MID, HIGH-MID and TREBLE EQ Controls, VOICING Control, ACTIVE/PASSIVE Instrument Select, DEEP Switch, XLR Balanced and ¼” Unbalanced PREAMP Outputs with GROUND LIFT and a Balanced DIRECT Output with PRE/POST SWITCH and GROUND LIFT.

EDB‐2 Equaliser Direct Blend 2

2 channel preamp

5 band eq

notch filter

Phantom power

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2-channel bass pre for 1 or 2 basses

Built-in direct box with XLR output

Combination power boost and effects loop

Powerful EQ and contour controls

Separate always-on tuner output

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Preamp and DI box

New revolutionary footswitch, di, eq etc - The Swiss Army Knife for acoustic players!

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Preamp and DI box

New revolutionary footswitch, di, eq etc - The Swiss Army Knife for bass players!

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EWS Tri Logic Bass Preamp

First made popular by Xotic Effects, the Tri-Logic is back!

Renewed and Reincarnated by EWS, the "Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 2" is significantly smaller in size and more affordable. With all the same features of the former Tri-Logic, 18-volts & 3-band EQ, the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 2 has evolved with improved sound quality and usability

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The Aguilar  Tone Hammer
® is the essential preamp/direct box for every bassist's tool box.

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The WTDI embraces powerful tonal shaping and control in a super compact DI pedal. Featuring a 3 stage EQ, Bass Boost and Mid Shift buttons. Whether it's for the home studio, professional studio, live stage work or simply as a backup for your touring rig, you simply cannot afford to be without this simple yet effective tool. Taking the concept of DI boxes to the next level!

Pedal Type:  Direct Box/Preamp

Input Jack:  1/4"

Output Jack:  1/4" and XLR

Power Requirements:  15v supply included

EBS Microbass II Preamp/Di

This is the ultimate bass tool. Period! The MicroBassII can be used as an active direct box, a one or two channel preamp, instrument switcher or blender.

Two Channels and A Useful Loop
The two channels provide sound shaping from high end solid-state types to distorted timbres, using the awarded tube emulation circuitry found in the EBS range of professional bass heads. An incorporated effects loop gives the user added flexibility for connecting to other effect pedals, or for mixing in an external audio source such as a CD player for rehearsal purposes.

Unmatched Flexibility
The balanced output with speaker simulator option provides unmatched flexibility in live and studio situations. Footswitches control mute and channel operation/switching.
Other features include headphone output, low battery indicator, link and master outputs, bass, ‘sweepable’ midrange, treble, bright and edge filters, drive and effects mix controls. The EBS MicroBassII delivers that big, burning EBS sound wherever you go.

MXR Bass Preamp

The MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio-quality Direct Out in a Phase 90-sized box, providing clear tone without hogging precious pedalboard space. Use it to add a new voice to an old passive bass, sweeten up any amp, or put some special sauce on a particular song. Dial it in just the way you want it and send it straight to the house—pre or post-EQ—with the built-in Direct Out.

The Bass Preamp features separate INPUT and OUTPUT level controls and a 3-band EQ section with sweepable midrange—from 250hz to 1khz—for extensive tonal flexibility. It’s all delivered super clean with high headroom thanks to our own Constant Headroom Technology™, and you can use the PRE/POST EQ switch to set whether or not your Direct Out signal is affected by the Bass Preamp’s EQ section. And of course, the Bass Preamp features a GROUND LIFT switch in case you encounter ground loop hum.

The Bass Preamp is factory preset to operate in ¼” out buffered bypass and Direct Out active. For players who only want to use the ¼” out, there are two internal switches that disable the Direct Out and ¼” out buffered bypass for true ¼” out bypass mode.

MXR Bass D.I.+

Finally, all the essentials in one tough little box. You need a serious D.I. for playing live and laying down killer tracks. You've got to have a preamp and finely tuned EQ to add punch to your tones. And you definitely can't do without some rich, custom distortion. This one-of-a-kind pedal gives you the whole deal in a bomb-proof enclosure that will survive even the most out of control gigs-and players. Built with the highest quality components, the M-80 can give you eve everything from warmth and transparency to a volcanic roar, without making you scroll through menu screens or an indecipherable manual. Engage the color switch for some sweet preset EQ, then tweak your tone with three band control. Dial in your ideal distortion with the gain knob and blend just the right amount into your clean signal, then kick it on and off at will. The adjustable noise gate pours on the sustain and cuts out hum and hiss. With XLR and parallel 1/4" outputs and a phantom power switch, you'll never have a problem delivering your choice new tones. Power: Single 9 volt battery or Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter

  1. Providence

  2. Selectable 2ch bass preamp

The Dual Bass Station Bass Preamp features two inputs (A/B) and independent EQ-Masters for each input. When only “IN-A” is used, two different presets can be used by switching channels from A to B.

EQ Section
Both channels feature versatile 3-band equalizers that are ideal for use with a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. Furthermore, the mid range frequency has a parametric equalizer that helps create a sound with variety.

  1. Trickfish Trilobite

The Trickfish team has put all of our on the gig experience into the design of the Trilobite to make it a powerful on the gig solution and make your setup as versatile as possible weather you are on the gig, in the studio, or in the shed . The goal was to give you a powerful yet compact piece of equipment that would harness the power of two Bullhead preamps paired with the routing options required for modern gig setups. Once you dive deep with the Trilobite we are confident it will become the centerpiece of your setup and a welcome, portable solution for when you can’t have “your rig” on the gig….. now you can have “your rig” at your feet!

Onboard preamps