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Dual Coil

DC4S, Bartolini BC, 19mm, pair  £210.00 - Call to order

DC5S, Bartolini P2, 18mm, pair  £240.00 - Call to order

DC4S, EMG 35, 19mm, pair       £210.00

DC4P, EMG 35, 19mm, pair       £210.00 - Call to order

DC6P, Bartolini P4 19mm, pair   £350.00

DC5S, EMG 40, 18mm, pair       £250.00 - Call to order

Fat Stack

FS4, Bartolini BC, 19mm, pair   £190.00

FS4, EMG 35, 19mm, pair        £190.00

FS5, Bartolini, 19mm, pair        £230.00

FS5, EMG 40, 18mm, pair        £230.00

Big Singles

BS4, Bartolini BC, 19mm, pair  £150.00

BS4, EMG 35, 19mm, pair        £150.00

BS5, Bartolini P2, 19mm, pair  £180.00

BS5, EMG 40, 19mm, pair       £180.00

BS6, Bartolini P4, 18mm, pair  £235.00

Big Splits

BSP4, Bartolini BC 19mm, pair £220.00

BSP4, EMG, 19mm, pair           £220.00

BSP5, Bartolini, 19mm, pair      £225.00

BSP6, Bartolini, 18mm, pair      £225.00

Dual Blade Neo

Dual Neo 4 Bart BC shell, pair  £190.00

Dual Neo 4 EMG shell, pair      £190.00

Dual Neo 5 Bart shell, pair        £210.00 - Call to order

Dual Neo 5 EMG shell, pair      £210.00

Dual Neo 6 Bart shell, pair        £230.00 - Call to order

Dual Neo 6 EMG shell, pair      £230.00 - Call to order


FD3  4 EMG shell, pair             £230.00

FD3  4 Bartolini BC shell, pair  £230.00

FD3  5 EMG shell, pair             £240.00

FD3  5 Bartolini shell, pair        £240.00

Big Blades

BB4    EMG 35 shell, pair               £160.00

BB4    Bartolini BC shell, pair          £160.00

BB5    EMG 40 shell, pair, C&C      £190.00 OUT OF STOCK

BB5    EMG 40 shell, pair, W&W      £190.00

BB5    Bartolini P2 shell, pair, C&C   £190.00

BB5    Bartolini P2 shell, pair, W&W  £190.00 OUT OF STOCK

BB6    EMG 45 shell, pair                  £220.00

BB6    Bartolini P4 shell, pair             £220.00

Big Rig

BRig4    EMG 35 shell, pair        £199.00

BRig4    Bartolini BC shell, pair  £199.00

BRig5    EMG 40 shell, pair        £235.00

BRig5    Bartolini P2shell, pair    £235.00

Zen Blade

Zen Blade4    EMG 35 shell, pair        £185.00

Zen Blade4    Bartolini BC shell, pair  £185.00

Zen Blade5    EMG 40 shell, pair        £220.00

Zen Blade5    Bartolini P2 shell, pair   £220.00 OUT OF STOCK

Please contact us to order single pickups or to order any Nordstrand pickups not listed.

Nordstrand SIGNATURE PICKUPS are now considered by many to be at the cutting edge of modern pickup design. From straight forward single coil replacements to the now legendary Dual Coil (DC), Big Singles, Big Split and Fat Stack, there is an after market pickup to improve and enhance any bass. With tailored frequency responses and high quality components, these hand made pick ups come highly recommended and are now offered standard or optional fit by many of the worlds great bass manufacturers.

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We keep most pickups in stock - please call for availability. Nordstrand Pickups size chart

Zen Blades (ZB)

Zen Blade’s continuous sensing blade offers a multitude of loyal characteristics: its uncompromising tone refuses the threat of depletion all across the fret board, while its steady impedance gives way to a personality so even and temperate you might just find yourself saying goodbye to your old trusty compressor.

One of its finest qualities is that the difference between its parallel and series personalities is subtle, creating a dimension of versatility where the player may comfortably fit their tone in the mix between many different genres—Jazz, Country, and Rock being its best contenders. Wired in parallel, the pickup delivers a broad range of character, with its even, clear, and articulate nature manifesting in its purest form. In series, the aperture narrows, causing the tone to become a bit thicker, a little bit bolder, while still retaining the even and clear quality inherent to the pickup. 

• Classic sidewinder-style pickup

• Uniform magnetic field—Ceramic bar magnet

• Available as single neck or bridge pickup, or as a set.

• Flat, slotted, steel blade.

• Available in standard black soapbar covers.

• 19mm maximum pitch  

• Laser cut vulcanized bobbins.

• Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

 • Available in Bartolini® BC and EMG35® sizes 

Big Blades (BB)

The newest addition to our line of original Signature pickups, the Big Blade is a result of the pursuit of a continuous sensing blade style pickup whose tone brings with it the huge, rich, and powerful characteristics so well established by our famous Big Singles. The sound is a bit more modern and aggressive, and there are no more worries about making sure the pole pieces line up with your strings. Weaponize your bass today!

This all new pickup features:

• A striking and aggressive sound

• A striking and aggressive appearance

• Uniform magnetic field blade design - no worries about pole spacing

• Available in our standard soap bar shapes and sizes

• 19mm maximum string pitch - works for most basses

  1. Blade radius designed for even output

  2. Some are available with either Clean and Clear (C&C) voicing for a modern vibe or Warm and Wooly (W&W) for a more old school tone

Dual Blade 5 Neo (DB5Neo)

Something new and cool in the BBG shop is the Nordstrand Dual Blade 5 Neo pickups, which are available for the bridge, neck or as a set.

What makes the DB5Neo pickups cool? It’s a dual coil blade configuration along with neodymium magnets (meaning you don’t have to worry about pole spacing,) and is optimised for splitting.

According to Nordstrand, these pickups produce a very good and convincing “J” type tone.

“What do they sound like?”

Check out the video below and hear for yourself. In addition to a tone example, you’ll also see some great splitting functionality as well.

Again, we have these available for the bridge, neck or as a set. And remember, because of the magnet type, pole spacing is not a concern, making your custom build just that much easier to put together.

Dingstrand Nordwall (or, dingwall fd3 by nordstrand). NEW!

offset split coil pickups

these pickups are a result of a conversation carey had with sheldon dingwall shortly after the 2013 namm show.  the idea was to offer the great unique pickups that dingwall has been making in house for use on their stellar fan fret basses to the general public.  dingwall was flirting with selling them direct at one point, but sheldon decided he was better off focusing on the production and marketing of his basses than to really get involved in selling pickups.  this is where nordstrand comes in.  that conversation mentioned above led to the establishment of a working relationship whereby nordstrand pickups makes the fd3 pickup to sheldon’s exacting specifications and offers them to the boutique pickup market at a reasonable price.

if you’ve been looking for that elusive dingwall tone in your favourite conventional bass now you can have it.  intended for parallel fret basses, designed for 18mm to 19mm bridge spacing. buy a set today!

4 string:
bartolini® bc (3.99″ x 1.27)
emg35® (1.51″ x 3.52″)
emg40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)

5 string:
bartolini® p2 (4.27″ x 1.27″)
emg40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)
emg45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

6 string:
bartolini® p4 (4.675″ x 1.27″)
emg45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

Dual Coil (DC)

        This is a modern design dual coil humbucking pickup. Pickups like these are usually found on very high end basses. They use Alnico V magnets and the traditional bi-pole layout with two poles per string. It's almost like two Jazz Bass® style pickups in one cover.

These pickups are available in two different versions. One set is designed to be wired in parallel, and the other in series. The reason we do this is that a pickup that is made to sound good wired parallel will usually be too hot and dark sounding if wires in series. So, we put less wire on a series dual coil than a parallel dual coil. In general, a pickup wired in series will have a fuller and fatter midrange with a subdued high end than a pickup wired in parallel, which will typically have more highs and a deeper low end with a cleaner midrange. Series pickups also have more output than parallel pickups. Parallel pickups are generally a better choice for a split-able installation, as there will not be the gain loss associated with series pickups.

These pickups are available only in black plastic covers with exposed pole pieces. These are a direct replacement for Bartolini BC, P2, P4 soapbar size pickups, and are also available for EMG 35/40/45 sized pickups. (S for series P for Parallel)

Now available in Alnico III.

Nordstrand Fat Stacks (FS)

        These are a proprietary Nordstrand design. The traditional bi-pole magnet layout was, literally, twisted in a new direction. By rotating the pole 45 degrees for each set we have increased the size of the traditional J style coil by 50%, making it wider, or "fatter". This results in a larger aperture, which captures more harmonic content from the string, resulting in a "fatter" tone. These pickups have a tone reminiscent of a J style single coil, but they are bigger and bolder. Full range and a present but pleasant high end response. These pickups have a great deal of midrange detail and fullness. Due to the naturally lower output of this design, these pickups can sometimes benefit from a pre-amp with 3 or more db of gain.

These pickups are shipped with three conductor wire for a split-able installation. When the third lead is shorted to ground only the top coil will remain active for a louder, more aggressive and mean version of the fat tone these pickups deliver (albeit with 60 cycle noise that single coils inherently possess). Think of it as a turbo charger for tone!

Nordstrand Big Single (BS)

        These pickups are all about huge, full, loud, aggressive single coil tone. They use the same magnet layout as the Fat Stack, and the resultantly big coil is about as much single coil pickup that can be packaged in a soap-bar cover. This is the ultimate pickup for the Jazz Bass®-on-steroids tone purist! These are a direct replacement for Bartolini P2 and BC soapbar size pickups, and are also available for EMG sized pickups.

Nordstrand Big Splits (BSP)

        This pickup is a split-coil, hum-cancelling version of the Big Single. This pickup is similar to Carey's popular single-coil soapbar pickup in that it delivers a grindy, old-school muscular sound. However, unlike a "true" single coil design, it will never suffer from noise or 60 cycle hum.

This soapbar was designed for 19mm string spacing and is perfect for the "Big Singles" fan who is particular about using a single coil pickup for live or studio work. This is a smoother more modern sounding pickup than the Big Single, with a little less top and more low mid content. These are a direct replacement for Bartolini BC, P2, P4 soapbar size pickups, and are also available for EMG 35/40/45 sized pickups.

Sizes in mm for standard pickup shells;

EMG35 - 88.9mm x 38.1mm

Bartolini BC - 101mm x 32.3mm

EMG 40DC - 102mm x 38.1mm

Bartolini P2 - 108.46mm x 32.3mm

EMG 45 - 115mm x 38mm

Bartolini P4 - 118.75 x 32.3mm

BigRig - Hum Canceling 4/5/6 String Bass Pickups

The BigRig is a pickup came about very organically, as a result of a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. A dual 51 P style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept, but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand. What developed is a hum canceling pickup where the coils sense different parts of the string movement and the result isn’t the normal comb filter mode cancellation effect, which can make humbuckers sound kind of one dimensional. The BigRig has a very broad spectrum sound with tons of texture and complexity at the same time. It sounds a lot like a big single coil.  Imagine that. Big Single… but hum cancelling. 

These all new BigRig pickups feature:

• Hum canceling

• Nordstrand’s iconic angled pole pieces

• Soapbar Covers

• Available in 4-string, 5-string, 6-String

Available Sizes:

4 String:
Bartolini® BC (3.99″ x 1.27)
EMG35® (1.51″ x 3.52″)
EMG40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)

5 String:
Bartolini® P2 (4.27″ x 1.27″)
EMG40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)
EMG45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

6 String:
Bartolini® P4 (4.675″ x 1.27″)
EMG45® (1.51″ x 4.52″)

These all new BigRig pickups feature:

• Hum canceling

• Nordstrand’s iconic angled pole pieces

• Soapbar Covers

  1. Available in 4-string, 5-string, 6-String


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