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Mike Lull M4V (List price £3100) SOLD - Please contact us to order another

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Hand built by master craftsman, Mike Lull and his team of skilled luthiers in Seattle, Lull basses have been making fine quality instruments since 1977. Mike's interpretation of the classic Leo Fender designed "Jazz" bass takes the build and playability to a whole new level. Lightweight, fully seasoned instrument grade wood is combined with the finest components for a really advanced bass guitar experience. Classic tones and more depth and range of tone and variety than the original, a real "players" bass for the 21st Century.

  1. Mike Lull M4V - (List price £3100)

  2. Swamp Ash Body

  3. Black pickguard

  4. Three tone sunburst Gloss finish

  5. Maple one piece graphite reinforced neck

  6. Contoured neck/heel

  7. Rosewood fingerboard, 12" radius

  8. 21 frets

  9. Bone nut, 1 1/2" width at nut

  10. 34" scale

  11. Black dot inlays

  12. Aquilar OBP3 Pre-amp as follows;

  13. *Volume

  14. *Pan

  15. *Stacked bass/treble

  16. *Mid - push/pull mid freq

  17. Lindy Fralin pickups

  18. Full electrostatic shielding

  19. Hipshot "A" style aluminium bridge in chrome, 19mm string spacing

  20. Hipshot ultralight tuners in chrome

  21. Instrument fully Pleck'd

  22. Protec Contego case

  23. Weight: 3.6kg/7lb 13oz

What is a Plek?

The Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling machine. It can level frets to within .001 mm accuracy. This kind of precision can not be matched by doing the job by hand.

How to get the best playing guitar?

Most players dream of having comfortable, smooth action on a guitar. With the PLEK, the most optimal string action possible for any instrument can be realized. This gives the individual musician an instrument that plays exactly the way he has dreamed of. Optimal playability on a guitar makes it sounds better with notes that ring true and clean. There is no fret buzz under normal playing conditions and the intonation problems that occur because of high string action, are eliminated. You can hear and feel the difference.

Plek scans neck with strings up to pitch?

When we take a look at a guitar neck, it is important that the guitar is under string tension and in playing condition when measured. The Plek measures the instruments neck and fret height with the instrument strung up to pitch. The computer ascertained a 3-D like graph of the fret board surface, including the position and height of the strings. Thanks to the PLEK SCAN the relief of the neck made by the string tension is taken into account while calculating the process-parameters. The operator then has the ability to manipulate the parameters to give the player an optimal playing instrument.

Can any guitar or bass be Plek'd?

Almost all acoustic and electric instruments, from any manufacturer can be put on the machine.


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