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Mark Bass LMIII amplifier - pre-owned


  1. Please contact the shop to pay by  Bank Transfer or finance

  2. Pre-owned LMIII amplifier, boxed, like new, bought as spare.

The LMII now has a line out level control and new output limiting circuit for a more dynamic response, and new eq points.


INPUT - impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 Vpp
BALANCED INPUT (XLR) - impedance 22 Khom, max. voltage 25 Vpp
EFFECT RETURN  - impedance 22 Kohm, max. voltage 25 Vpp


GAIN  –60 dB to +23 dB range

GROUND LIFT  switch on rear panel

PRE/POST EQ switch on rear panel


LOW - centre frequency: 60 Hz; level: ±16 dB
LOW MID - centre frequency: 360 Hz, level: ±16 dB
HIGH MID - centre frequency: 800 Hz, level: ±16 dB
HIGH - 5 kHz shelf, level: ±16 dB
VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) - centre frequency 380 Hz (cut)
VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) - frequency range 250 Hz–20 kHz (cut)


LINE OUT  - balanced XLR, max. voltage 10 Vpp
EFFECT SEND - unbalanced, max. voltage 20 Vpp (pre-EQ)
TUNER OUT - unbalanced, max. voltage 25 Vpp
SPEAKER OUT - speakon, 1/4"


WEIGHT - 5.73 lbs / 2.9 kg
DEPTH - 10.1 in. / 25.6 cm
WIDTH - 10.87 in. / 27.6 cm
HEIGHT - 2.8 in. / 7.1 cm
OUTPUT POWER - 300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 500W RMS @ 4 ohm
POWER REQUIREMENT - 100/120V; 230V; 240V

Fast becoming the new standard for compact bass amps, the Markbass range features the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Mid scoop, High/Low boost) tone shaping which gives you fast access to vintage tones and scooped mid tones, plus a very intuitive eq.


Tel: 01926 886433