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Popular compact bass amps from Italy, the Markbass range features the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Mid scoop, High/Low boost) tone shaping give you fast access to vintage tones and scooped mid tones, plus a very intuitive eq. Popular with jazz and fusion players and those looking for warm, natural tones.


Nano 300 Amplifier

Little Mark III Amplifier

Little Mark III 500 Tube Amplifier

Little Mark 800 Amplifier

Little Mark 800 tube Amplifier

Little Marcus 250 Amplifier  NEW

Little Marcus 500 Amplifier  NEW

Little Marcus 800 Amplifier  NEW

Little Marcus 1000 Amplifier  NEW

Big Bang amplifier

Ninja 1000 amplifier

Evo 1 amplifier  

CASA amplifier    New Michael League model


NYC 121 cabinet   £445

Ninja 212 cabinet  £635

TRV102P cabinet  £439

Traveller 123 cabinet  £729 - NEW

Marcus 102HF cabinet  £575 - NEW

Traveller 410HF 8Ω  £599 - SPECIAL BLACK DEAL NEW


121P Combo  £695

121H V2 Combo

151P Combo  £750 - Special offer

Alain Caron Signature 121 Combo  £875 - last one!

Ninja 250, 210 Combo  £675

Ninja 500, 210 Combo

Alain Caron Signature K1 Combo

Secondhand Markbass items for sale


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