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Markbass Small bag (Nano 300) - £30

Markbass Medium bag (LMIII/Ninja etc) - £50

Genzler M800 Gig Bag £45

Genzler M350 Gig Bag £45

Aguilar TH/AG700 Gig Bag £49

Aguilar TH/AG500 Gig Bag £55

Darkglass  MG900 Gig Bag £75

Eich Small T300/500/900 bag - £45

Eich Large T1000 bag - £50

Vanderkley Spartan Gig Bag £75

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Gig Bags for Markbass Amps for;

SMALL - Nano 300

MEDIUM - LMIII, LM Marcus, LM800

Darkglass M900 amp bag

This compact, light and comfortable bag it's the perfect companion for our Microtubes 900, and its sleek design it's not only beautiful, but also functional, as its pockets allow you to keep cables, the amp footswitch and even a pack of strings, all in one accessory.

•Nylon, water resistant.

•Big exterior pocket perfect for strings, cables, etc.

•Small exterior pocket perfect for your Intelligent Footswitch.

•Internal Pads to protect your Microtubes 900.

•Adjustable backpack straps.

•Heavy-duty carry handle.

Vanderkley Spartan Gig bag

Genzler Gig bag

Aguilar Gig bag

Eich Gig bag


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