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Bass Direct are the UK leaders in custom basses and provide basses from some of the most reputable luthiers and bass companies around the world. We have left handed basses available at most times and are very happy to entertain any custom projects for you.

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Apeiron H4 and

Avenger 5 Left Handed

The lefty player can have limited choices when it comes to basses. Is this pair from Clover a beacon in the dark? Ben Cooper delves in.

Bass Guitar Magazine 51 December 2011

It’s a mixed bag being a Southpaw. Statistically speaking about 10 per cent of people are left-handed, yet studies seem to indicate that we (yes, for I am of the sinister persuasion) make up a much larger percentage of “gifted” people, or high-achievers, than should be the case, and we’re generally better looking (I made the last bit up). On the flip side, according to other studies we tend to not be as long lived (bummer). Way back when, lefthandedness was driven out of children at school, being seen as some kind of evil deviance, and unfortunately “why don’t you just learn right-handed” still gets trotted out by guitar teachers on occasion. Of course the reasons are more economical than anything else, you often pay a premium for left handed instruments, and your choice is very restricted, but it seems the amount of left handed basses on the market has been slowly increasing in recent years. When I started playing I had a choice of two basses in my price range at my local guitar shop, and there were a couple of pricier instruments on display too, versus dozens of righthanded models. Nowadays, even if there aren’t tons in stock, many manufacturers offer lefthanded basses in their range. This pair from Clover will certainly catch the eye of the lefty on the lookout for a quality 4 or 5 string.

Build Quality

The Apeiron has a classic look and feel to it, obviously being modelled closely on a Fender Jazz in terms of its body shape. The three-tone vintage sunburst finish is glossy, highly polished, and even throughout. Coupled with the white pick guard and chrome hardware this is classic, understated and downright cool. The neck is a three piece maple affair, topped with a rosewood fingerboard, and the frets are well finished, with no rough edges. The neck has a satin finish, as opposed to the high gloss of the body, making it feel slick and playable. The neck is fairly wide, but has a shallow profile making it comfortable in the hand. Flipping the bass over reveals the neck to be bolt on, with six recessed bolts providing a rock solid neck to body join, with no hint of gaps anywhere. Opening up the backplate reveals a neat and tidy collection of wires and the battery for the active circuit. Personally, I’d have preferred a flip compartment for the battery to save unscrewing the plate, but this is a minor point and perhaps the plasticy nature of such a component would mar the otherwise Spartan beauty of the back.

Turning to the Avenger 5 we have the same sumptuous, high gloss finish but this time an eye catching Cherryburst. The pickguard is an unusual shape but it suits the look of the instrument. Though I’ve never been a fan of pearloid guards it somehow works for me on the Avenger. Again, the neck is maple, but with a maple fingerboard. Just like its 4-string cousin, the Avenger is superbly finished throughout, from the laqcuer to the fretting. As you’d expect from a 5 string the neck is noticeably wider, and with the fl at profile it did feel a tad plank like, but it was quickly adapted to. The control cavity was all neat and tidy, but stuffed to the gills with wire as you’d expect after a look at the number of controls on the front of the instrument.

Both instruments have light weight tuners, which helps keep the headstock weight down, improving the balance when strapped on or seated. Both basses balance beautifully and stay exactly where you put them, even the 5 string resolutely refuses to budge or nose-dive once strapped on. As a result both basses feel light, a definite plus for the Avenger which I expected to feel pretty weighty on the strap. The tuners have a smooth action, and feel solid and stable with ‘just so’ resistance levels. The bridge on both basses is solid and fully adjustable, giving you maximum control over the set up. Both basses had a beautifully easy, low action with no hint of buzz anywhere so I had no need to fiddle. In terms of pickups and controls the setup is different for each bass, though both feature Delano pickups. On the Apeiron we have a Delano JC-AL in the neck position, and back by the bridge a Delano Hybrid. Th is pickup combines a single coil pickup with a Stingray-style humbucker, and allows you to switch between the two with the flick of a switch. The switch also bypasses the EQ, moving from passive (single coils) to active (humbucker pickup) mode. On the Avenger there are 3 Delano JSBC HE custom pickups. The neck position pickup functions separately while the rear two are switchable between bridge only, middle only or both routed in parallel. There is a pickup pan control to play with too. In terms of controls, the number on offer might well be overwhelming for many players, as you also have a three band EQ, a booster switch and the volume knob is push/ pull functioning as an active/ passive switch. It all looks a bit fussy, but it really does give the player a remarkable amount of control over their tone and it sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, once you start


Bass Direct

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PRICE: £1,599

Made In: Germany

Body: Solid Red Alder

Neck: Canadian Maple

Fingerboard: Maple

Scale: 34”

Nut Width: 1.77”/45mm

Frets: 24

Tuners: Chrome

Bridge: Custom Chromed Brass

Pickups: Delano Pickups, JSBC-HE and 2 x JSBC-HE custom pickups

Controls: 1x volume (push-pull), 1x balance, 1x bass, 1x mid, 1x treble 1x coilsplitting mini-switch, 1x power mode switch

Weight: 9lbs 4oz

Case\Gig Bag included: Madarozza padded gig bag

Left Hand Model Available: Yes

Plus: Superb build quality, incredible range of tones, setup allows total control of your sound, but…

Minus: …all those knobs and switches make off the cuff adjustments a bit troublesome, and could it be too much of a good thing?

Overall: This bass offers a staggering amount of instrument for the money.

solid neck-body join

“Just like its 4-string cousin, the Avenger is

superbly finished throughout, from the laqcuer to

the fretting”


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