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Kalium strings for Dingwall Long Scale Bass Guitars

Hybrid Drop E 5 - 190 130 98 76 57 - OUT OF STOCK mainland shipping

Hybrid E Standard 5 - 190 142 106 82 59 - OUT OF STOCK mainland shipping

Add £5 EU shipping cost for orders outside the UK

Why Kalium

Lower - Better - The Kalium Difference


Kalium Strings are designed specifically to expand and push downward the tuning of electric bass guitars.  These are not guitar strings made bigger – they are bass strings made better. They are made in a greater variety of gauges to provide a solid foundation for greater exploration of the depths of bass tunings.

String sets are available that enable tunings as low as an octave beneath standard E, with enough choices to address the comfort and sensitivities of any contemporary bassist. In the near future, strings will be made available to extend tunings even lower – to an octave below low B.


No other manufacturer makes strings like we do.

We are the only manufacturer that offers a two-wrap E string. In larger diameters, we make three wrap strings up to .182”. The fewer wraps of wire a string has the fuller the sound they will produce, and it lets strings of even extraordinary gauge match tonally from one string to the next. As well, fewer layers result in a more flexible string, providing more harmonic content and a more comfortable playing experience.

Our hybrid sets are a unique combination of nickel and steel – not quite as bright as steels and not as ‘scooped’ as nickels. This mix of materials gives our strings a tonality that shifts less over time and lasts longer.

Kalium Strings are wound straight and packaged straight. The greatest compromise to a string’s structural integrity and playable life is coiling and packaging them in the traditional manner. At Kalium Strings, all strings are stored uncoiled from the moment of manufacture. For shipping purposes only the strings are loosely coiled, and we recommend our customers store them uncoiled as well.

 Tension between strings within sets was established with the acceptance of round wound strings and not considered since then – until now. Kalium Strings makes Balanced and Traditional Tension sets available, as well as Drop Tuned and – available very soon – 5ths sets. We provide choices that no other manufacturer can or does. In addition to sets that accommodate four string to twelve string players, there are three scale lengths to choose from; Standard (34” to 35”), Medium (36” to 37”), and Long (39” to 40”).


Kalium Strings

Kalium's commitment to product excellence is borne of 60 years of combined experience. In addition to string development, design and production, our history also includes machine design and development and musical instrument design and production. You can expect a great deal from these strings – because a great deal went into their creation.


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