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Kala U Bass Spruce Fretted £415

Kala U Bass Spruce Lefthanded £415

Kala U Bass Spruce fretless £415

Kala U Bass Mahogany Fretted £475

Kala U Bass Exotic Mahogany Fretted £399

Kala U Bass Mahogany Lefthanded £475

Kala U Bass Mahogany fretless £475

Kala U Bass Striped Ebony, Fretted, Roundwound strings £475

Kala U Bass Rumbler Fretted £299

Kala U Bass Journeyman Fretted Out of stock

Country Man U bass Lefthanded- Out of stock

Makala U Bass Fretted £175

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TGI Soft gig bag £14.95

U bass Fitted Hard case £38

Aquila  "Thundergut" White string set £25

Aquila  "Silver Rumblers" string set £25

Aquila  "Thundergut" Red string set £39

Aquila  "Thundergut" Black string set £39

Pyramid roundwound string U Bass  £33

KALA roundwound string set for U Bass  - £40

Korg Pitchclip clip on tuner, ideal for U Bass £10

Feedback freezer £9.99

KalaU bass logo strap £9.99

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Kala U Bass Mahogany top

This unique product is the result of a collaborative effort between Kala Ukulele and Road Toad Music. It has a 20 inch scale with 16 frets. Unlike strings you may have seen in the past, the polyurethane strings have a great feel, with really nice tension, and are a true pleasure to play. This instrument makes a unique sound that falls somewhere between an upright bass and a standard electric bass. It sports Hipshot tuners and a passive piezo system. Each string is compensated in length for proper intonation and has its own custom "shadow" piezo system for a perfectly balanced sound. It has a solid Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard. This is the instrument for someone who is looking for something a little different that is also great fun to play. It comes in it's own custom hard foam case (that meets carry on standards for aviation etc)

"Every bass player should have one" - Bass Guitar Magazine 2010

The Exotic Mahogany Acoustic-Electric was introduced in 2012 and has quickly become our best-selling U•BASS®. Capturing the same upright bass sound as the Solid Mahogany U•BASS®, look no further for enormous low end.

Kala U Bass Exotic Mahoany


TOP:: Exotic Mahogany

BACK & SIDES:: Exotic Mahogany



NECK: Mahogany


NUT: GraphTech TUSQ®

SADDLE: Composite

TUNERS: Custom Hipshot Ultralite™


STRINGS: Road Toad Pahoehoe Proprietary Polyurethane


SHORT SCALE: 20.375 in


INCLUDES: Deluxe Padded Bag


Scale Length: 20.375 inches, Overall Instrument Length: 29.375 inches, Body Length: 14 inches, Number of frets: 16, Width at upper bout: 7.75 inches, Width at lower bout: 10.25 inches, Width at waist: 6.625 inches, Body Depth: 3.25 inches, Fingerboard width at nut: 1.75 inches, Fingerboard width at neck/body joint: 2.213 inches

KALA U Bass Spruce (fretted and fretless)

The Solid Spruce Top Acoustic-Electric U•Bass features a Spruce top with Mahogany back and side. The black binding amplifies the contrast between the lighter Spruce and darker Mahogany. With the same thunderous low end the U•Bass is known for, the Spruce Top will appeal to any player.


TOP: Solid Spruce

BACK & SIDES: Mahogany



NECK: Mahogany


FRETLESS: Maple Fret Lines

NUT: GraphTech TUSQ®

SADDLE: Composite

TUNERS: Custom Black Die Cast


STRINGS: Road Toad Pahoehoe, Proprietary Polyurethane


SHORT SCALE: 20.375 in


INCLUDES: Deluxe Padded Bag

KALA Rumbler

The Kala U-Bass Rumbler Mahogany Ukulele is a truly groundbreaking short scale, 21" Bass. The wonderful tone projection, combined with the stunning Mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard highlight that Kala have truly developed one of the worlds finest Ukulele's. The U-Bass produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument, E-A-D-G.


  1. Laminate Mahogany back and sides

  2. Mahogany neck

  3. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

  4. 16 frets

  5. 21 inch scale

  6. Custom Die Cast Tuners

  7. Kala Silver Rumbler Strings™

  8. Custom Kala inlay

  9. Kala electronic system with an active EQ and built in tuner

  10. Includes a Deluxe U-Bass Embroidered Gig Bag

  11. Meets most airline carry-on requirements

New Striped Ebony U Bass (shown with roundwound strings)

New for 2018 is the Striped Ebony U•Bass. The beautiful Striped Ebony U•Bass has a deep brown colour with reddish-brown striping. The Maple binding creates a striking contrast with the Ebony body, helping the striping stand out. Available in fretted and fretless models, each comes in a padded gig bag. Fretted model also available with Road Toad Pahoehoe strings.


TOP:  Striped Ebony

BACK & SIDES:  Striped Ebony


FINISH:  Satin

NECK: Mahogany


NUT: GraphTech TUSQ®

SADDLE: Composite

STRINGS: Kala Round Wound

TUNERS: Custom Hipshot Ultralite™


INCLUDES: Deluxe Padded Bag

The Journeyman

The Journeyman is the grandest U•Bass in the new line up, made of Mahogany with white binding, f-holes, and a cutaway. The Journeyman is a great for gigging, has the original U•Bass tone, and it won’t break the bank. Hone your skills and perfect your craft, this U•Bass is made to take you as far as you want to go. The Journeyman will set you on your way to becoming a master. Available in a fretted model.


SIZE: Acoustic-Electric U-Bass

TOP: Mahogany

BACK & SIDES: Mahogany



NECK: Mahogany

NUT: Plastic

SADDLE:  Plastic


STRINGS: Aquila Thundergut®

TUNERS: Custom Black Die Cast

CUTAWAY: Venetian


SHORT SCALE: 20.875 in


INCLUDES: Padded Gig Bag


Scale Length: 20.875 inches, Overall Instrument Length: 29.625 inches, Number of frets: 16, Body Length: 13.9375 inches, Width at upper bout: 7.875 inches, Width at lower bout: 10.5 inches, Width at waist: 7.062 inches, Body depth: 3.125 inches, Fingerboard width at nut: 1.75 inches, Fingerboard width at neck/body joint: 2.25 inches

Now available in lefthanded version in Spruce and Mahogany top


•Body Width:

•Lower Bout: 80mm

•Upper Bout: 67mm

•Top Across:

•Lower Bout: 257mm

•Upper Bout: 190mm

•Waist: 165mm

•Body Length (Back): 356mm

•Neck (Nut to Body): 254mm

•Fretboard Width (nut): 47mm

•Fretboard Width (end): 70mm

•Fretboard Length: 318mm

•Body Connects at 12th Fret

•Custom Hipshot Tuners

•Passive Shadow Pickup System w/4 Individual Elements and Compensated Saddles now with built in EQ and tuner! - NEW for 2013!

•Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge

•INCLUDES Deluxe Custom Padded Gig Bag (Spruce U-Bass) or Padded Lightweight Hardfoam Case with Cordura-type outer shell (Acacia/Mahogany U-Bass)

•Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects and materials, 1 year on electronics and tuning machines.

Makala U Bass

Makala U-BASS MK-FS Ukulele Bass

The Makala line features an array of ukulele with a vintage look at an entry-level price.  Kala is known for high-quality instruments that sound amazing, and the Makala line is no exception.  Focusing on the essentials — quality at an affordable price — a Makala is the perfect uke for jumping in.


Makala U-Bass MK-FS Key Features

  1. Laminate Mahogany back and sides

  2. Mahogany neck

  3. Walnut fingerboard and bridge

  4. 16 frets

  5. 21 inch scale

  6. Die Cast Tuners

  7. Bobcat pickup with preamp with tuner

Countryman - Lefthanded


  1. Ukulele bass

  2. Mahogany laminated body

  3. Mahogany neck

  4. Rosewood fingerboard

  5. Aquila Thundergut strings

  6. Preamp with Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble controls

  7. Built in tuner


When amplified, the Countryman Ukulele Bass delivers a sublime thick, warm bass tone that fills the low end spectrum in its own unique way - delivering almost classic upright acoustic tones. It comes fitted with Thundergut strings made by market leader Aquila.

The Kala FEEDBACK FREEZER for Acoustic U-Basses is a sound suppression solution for Acoustic U-Bassists who play in larger (LOUDER!) situations where feedback can be an issue.

  1. Soundhole feedback suppression

  2. Eliminate feedback and enhance stage volume

  3. Quick and easy to install

  4. Fits All Acoustic Ubasses with 3" Soundhole

  5. Requires no modification to the instrument

  6. Tight snap fit insures no movement during playing

  7. NOTE: Use care when removing Feedback Freezer. Unit features a tight fit, and requires a slow and careful removal.

U-BASS Cloth Strap - Black

Kala Straps are great for gigs. Easy strap on and ability to quickly change instruments on the fly, this is a must have for all.

(NOTE: Strap button needs to be purchased separately and professionally installed. Damage due to improper installation will void your Kala warranty.)

Thundergut® is a special very elastic and dense material developed by us in our headquarter that assure superior performances over the common polyuretane and silicon rubber bass strings available in the market. Thundergut® assure fast and stable intonation; no sweet finger's slip on the strings. These are an off white colour.


The new Silver Rumbler strings are made exclusively for Kala by Aquila; they have a little bit more tension than the classic UBASS strings. They use a special "Nylgut" compound to give them increased density and stability - as well as, they claim, the ability to resonate tone at very low frequencies. They reportedly have a clearer tone and solid low end - and are significantly different than the Kala Pahoehoe U-Bass set. This is the "OEM" string that comes stock on the Rumbler U-Bass.



The Thunder Reds sets: a unique look and a strong, consistent sound.

Until now, it was necessary to increase a string’s gauge to reach lower frequencies. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled:

the thicker the string, the duller the sound.

Our revolutionary new approach —never introduced before us— changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauge unchanged.


U Bass Artists

Abraham Laboriel Sr. • Stevie Wonder, Lalo Schifrin

Nathan East • Daft Punk, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Fourplay

Hugh MacDonald • Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Alice Cooper

Zac Brown • Founder of the genre busting Zac Brown Band

Lee Sklar • James Taylor, Linda Rondstadt, Carole King

Nik West • Prince, John Mayer, Dave Stewart

Stuart Hamm • Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale

Tal Wilkenfeld • Jeff Beck, Macy Gray, Chick Corea

John Bentley • longstanding bassist with Squeeze

Esperanza Spalding • Grammy winning solo artist

Reggie McBride • Keb Mo, Aretha Franklin, James Brown

Bakithi Kumalo • Paul Simon, Cyndi Lauper, Chaka Khan

Phillip Bynoe • Steve Vai, Michael Jackson

Richard Jones • bassist with UK rockers Stereophonics

Ira Coleman • Sting, Herbie Hancock, Branford Marselis