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Ibanez SR505 - five string bass (2011 model)


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  2. Secondhand bass in great condition and comes with a padded gig bag and Schaller strap locks. Weight 3.5kg/8lb

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Ibanez basses are solid, reliable guitars. The Ibanez SR505 looks good, plays well and has a warm, rich tone. It's a really good bass for the price and you can rely on it gig after gig.

Just look at some of the guys playing Ibanez basses - Mike D'Antonio (Killswitch Engage), Fieldy (Korn), Paul Gray (Slipknot) - I think you get the picture!

Jatoba/Bubinga Slim Neck

Coupling Jatoba with Bubinga has made the neck strong and stable despite its thin design. Some basses are harder to play at the bottom of the neck, this bass has a smooth join which helps you play higher notes.

Bartolini® MK1 Pickups

The MK1 pickups give this bass a wide frequency range and enhanced tone definition. This means you have a broader choice of tones, all of which sound great. Both pickups have an equal response, just like single coils but without that hum and noise.


  1. Neck type 5pc SR5 Jatoba/Bubinga

  2. Body Mahogany

  3. Frets: Medium

  4. Bridge: Accu-Cast B25 (16.5mm string spacing)

  5. Neck pu: Bartolini MK1

  6. Bridge pu: Bartolini MK1

  7. Equaliser: Bartolini MK1 3-band


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