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Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier - pre-owned (list £850)


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  2. Used amplifier in superb condition with box

  3. Actual amp shown

Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 (STL 9.2) - MRRP £850.80

Genz Benz STL9.2: 900W @ 4 ohm, 500W @ 8 ohm, 4lbs, Tube pre amp

Genz Benz continues its industry leading innovations in bass amplification with the SHUTTLE 9.2, 2nd generation of these popular bass amps, delivering 900 watts of power in a mere 4 lb compact package. The SHUTTLE 9.2 includes the addition of our proprietary 3DPM™ power management circuitry for overall increased headroom and thicker "heft" of the individual notes played. The 12AX7 tube preamp also features increased available gain for enhanced versatility from warm, articulate tone to all out aggressive overdrive.

This amplifier works ideally with the new Genz Benz Uber Cabs, or Bergantino HD Cabinets and Vanderkley cabinets.


• Ultra Light 3.75 lb Design

• Power: 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms

• Analogue 12AX7 Tube Preamp

• Digital SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)

  1. High Current Class D Amplifier

  2. 3DPM (Digital power management)

  3. Patented pending PHAT topology

• Active eq w/Parametric Mids

  1. 3-Band Signal Shape Circuit (Footswitchable)

  2. Phat technology

• Signal Mute Switch (Footswitchable)

• Tuner Out

• Extended Range Input Gain for Active/Passive Sensitivity

• Limiter Circuit

• LED Status Indicators

• Speakon® Speaker Outputs

• Internal Fan Cooling

• Full XLR Direct Out Interface

• Aux. Input

• Headphone Jack

  1.   Effects Loop

  2. Dimensions: 2 1/2"H x 10"W x 10 1/2"D (6.35cm H x 25.4cm W x 26.7cm D)

Submitted on the 30th October by Nathan who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  Bergantino CN212 cabinet plus Auralex Gramma

My main purpose of visiting bass direct was to purchase a bass amp and cab which would fit in my car. I had already done my research (with a few phone calls to Bass Direct) and decided what I wanted depending on the sound of the amp and Cab and that it would fit in my car. I brought along my own basses to try. Plugged it in; sounded great. I also tried another amp which didn't sound as natural to me. Once I was happy with the sound, we checked to make sure it would fit car. How many other shops would let you do that?

I also use the Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 with a Vox Cab, it gets the sound of the bass, compared to my old trace elliot (1990) which had a great sound, but made everything sound the same. One word of caution, an early gig on a racked stage, the amp started vibrating off the cab, so you may need to purchase a non-slip mat for a few quid. I'd be interested to see if Bergantino bring out a lightweight 4x10, that would be killer (if it fits in my boot).

I had read many comments about the Auralex GRAMMA claiming it was the best £45 or so they had spent. Even in the shop a customer told me the same thing. All I can say is, my bass sound is very consistent from gig to gig now, where I would sometimes have a boomy sound caused by a hollow stage. My only regret, is that I didn't purchase a gig bag for it. It comes in a box with a handle but the cardboard has recently decided to split and the handle no longer works.

Thanks for you help.

Submitted on the 2nd July 2013 by Niels who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and a pair of  Genz Benz Focus NX2 112T cabinets, with a Sandberg VM4 bass

Hi Mark

Just a quick line to let you know the new Genz Benz rig and Sandberg bass got their first outing on Saturday night and sounded amazing.  Also managed to load & unload without assistance for the first time ever!

Thanks for all your help


Submitted on the 5th June 2013 by Ivor who purchased a Dingwal ABZ 4 bass and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  2 x Bergantino HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark

Just thought it was about time I got back to you and said how much I am enjoying playing the Dingwall bass through the Genz Benz and Bergantino's I bought from you earlier this year. I've played inside, outside, small and large gigs and they just perform brilliantly. Been playing bass for 50 years now and I can honestly say its the best set up I've ever had. Thanks.


Ivor Jones

Submitted on the 29th January 2013 by Arindam who purchased a Dingwall ABZ 6 string bass, 2 x Vanderkley MNT112  cabinets and Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier

dear mark


With reference to the Dingwall ABZ6 string bass, I took it to a gig at Leicester last week with Roger Pugh and Alan Sansome, playing it through a GB Shuttle 9 and a couple of Vanderkley 112MNTs. I probably don’t need to say much really, the sound engineer was complimentary about the sound right from the sound check and the odd muzo – who recognised the fanned frets- actually came up to the stage to simply emphasise the ‘ph’ in phat!!


all in all, the sound was clear and solid for fingerstyle with a bite that sliced through the mix when slapping. despite this being an absolutely passive bass the slap tones are actually a lot better than some of the active ones I have played, including some I tested at bass direct, which, despite my (previous) love for active electronics, esp. bartolini’s, sounded rather over-produced.


6 strings, a beautifully crafted bass producing incredible tone from just 3 knobs (I was churning out some thundering low A’s as well via the hipshot), an absolutely fantastic lightweight amp and cab combo- why should anyone want a bass with half a dozen controls?? I actually have some corns from playing it regularly at home, and again, to echo others’ comments the fan frets have not been much of a problem at all, and even with my shorter arms and fingers, I found passages along the upper register and the 6th string quite easy!!


this is now my standard rig for my rock/ avant-folk gigs, and will be certainly so on the jazz gigs where I don’t need my fretless!!


to echo the muzo’s comments, a ‘handsome beast’ that sounds as good as it looks!!


warm regards

Submitted on the 16th October 2012 by Rob who purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amplifier and  Bergantino HD210/HD112 cabinets

Hi Mark,


Just a quick thank you again for your help with sorting out my bass and amp.

I’ve been playing with the genz benz head and through them speakers just sounds awesome.


My Warwick (now restrung) sounds amazing. As does the Fender. Its so easy to tweak the sound and get it right. I am already playing better as I can concentrate on the music and not the horrid sound.


I can’t wait till the weekend where I get to go out and play it.


Kind Regards

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