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Esh Poseidon V - Pre-owned 2012 model

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  3. A used 2011 bass in great condition with a couple of small marks on the body and head, cleaned and set up with new strings. Hand built in Germany with an ash body, 34” scale ebony f/b, maple through neck f/b, EMG pickups plus full range piezo bridge. Weight: 4.05kg/9lb (list new £2950)

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Finish: Matt Natural

Body: Swamp Ash

Neck: Hard Maple, Through

Hard Maple, Through

Fingerboard: Ebony with custom inlay on 12th Fret

Frets: 24, Medium Jumbo

24, Medium Jumbo

Nut: Graphtech

Hardware: Ruthenium for tuners and strap button, black bridge

Tuners: Schaller M4

Bridge: NBE Custom Piezo (single)

Knobs: Dome Knobs + Esh Custom Knob

Electronics: Active EMG 40 DC 2x, Piezo bridge with individual adjustment for volume of each string

Scale: 34″

Fingerboard radius: 16″

Nut width: 45,5 mm


The Piezo bridge combined with the patented esh-tronic delivers one of the best Piezo sounds available. Together with a studio direct out, it provides the professional player with a very flexible and perfect tone.

This special system is the perfect circuit for the active EMG pick ups and our USP, the finest Piezo-Design. The esh tronic is your “command”-knob to  switch  several circuits:

a)Direct Out. For studio use, a direct out for the EMG pickups which bypasses all the electronics.

b)Magnetic Pick ups only. In combination with the toggle switch knob you can think of it as a preset

c)Magnetic and Piezo Pick up. This combines the “best of both worlds”

d)Piezo only. This is an unbelievable deep sound, precise and clear with a full low end. Not typical of the usual “thin Piezo sound”! 

The pick-up system is powered by one 9 volt battery. If you were to play 8 hours a day the battery would still last you a year due to the tiny amount of energy that it uses. It is clear that Esh basses are at the cutting edge of sound and design!


The company was founded in 1987 in Aachen, (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) by three bass-players named Erhardt, Sonntag and Hövelmann. Their initials formed the brand ESH. These three friends were not quite satisfied with the common basses offered on the market at that time.

They wanted to create a new sound- and quality-concept, which was revolutionary even for german noble basses. Success turned the brand from the beginning into the Olympus of the German Bassbuilder scene. The consequent use of a modern and unique piezo systems is – and always has been – worldwide unique.

Of course over the more than 30 years of existing in the market, there also have been changes in the company seats and in the person of the managing director.


The 25th anniversary was splendid celebrated with many guests of Ralf Scholl in Bavaria, who had already established a friendly relationship with Petr Vykydal. They had known each other for years through joint activities for one of the most traditional German musical instrument builders from the South.


Tel: 01926 886433

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