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MRRP £179 - Discontinued

EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal

EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal

In 2013, EBS and Billy Sheehan join forces to release the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal, a signal processing device offering the possibility to achieve the sound of a legend!

This pedal is a distillate of several important principles in the signal chain for the bass. Distorting a bass is always tricky to undertake as you lose note to note differentiation as well as muddying up the lower frequencies

EBS has solved this in conjunction with Billy Sheehan's own requests to have a pedal that can run two signals, distort one, and re-combine, and mix after much like he has run in similar decades of playing

It does just this plus allows an unlimited possibility of pre-post mix tone shaping by including a loop for each signal path. The user can insert anything they wish within the loop for unique and personally stylized tonality.

The pedal itself sounds absolutely wonderful, but the feature of being modified by the user's choise of insert components makes it useful for anyone playing in any style.

Please note that this is a signature pedal from a true bass icon which offers several unique features in a newly designed form factor:

  1. 1o Overdrive

  2. 2o Compression

  3. 3o Dual Loop Input (Drive/Clean)

  4. 4o EQ Control

  5. 5o All Analog


  1. 1Drive,Tone,Level, and Clean Controls

  2. 2Three Compressor Modes-High, Mid, Off Clean Loop, & Drive Loop (connect to a Y-Cable for send and return)

  3. 3Type:Analog Effect-Mechanical Switching

  4. 4Power requirements:9v D.C Battery or Power Supply

  5. 5Advanced Options:

  6. 6By removing the bottom plate you get access to fine tuning the trimmers to adjust Threshold level of compressor (THR.) and the level of the Compression when mode switch is set to MID (COMP).

  7. 7Featured: 1 x EBS Y-cable

  8. 8Optional(not included):
    EBS AD-9 Power Supply
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