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EA Wizzy 12 M-Line cabinet, 8Ω - pre-owned model

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  2. Used cabinet in superb condition - cost new £675

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Wizzy 12 M-Line The "old school" Wizzy 12 with a bit of elegance and class

M-Line cabinets are a Euphonic Audio exclusive. They are an application of transmission line technology that can only be found in high-end audio speakers and studio monitors. When applied to a bass speaker like the Wizzy® 12, it adds a high-fidelity spin for those looking for the flattest response in a 1x12 cabinet configuration. Of course, this is only possible because we started with a successful design - the Wizzy itself, the speaker cabinet that uses a super-woofer with a "wizzy" high-frequency cone at its centre. This eliminates numerous parts that separate you from your sound. What's left is a speaker cabinet in its purest form. The Wizzy 12 M-Line is a very special cabinet. In many ways, it's our replacement for the VL-208, considered by many to be the best cabinet ever created for Upright Bass and Bass Guitar. The 12 M is like playing through a studio monitor for bass, yet one that can play at stage volumes. No matter what the music, the 12 M lets you hear your bass as exactly as it sounds

Frequency Response:  45Hz to 12.0KHz

Size:  19.5H x 16.0W x 12.75D

Weight:  34 lbs

Configuration: 1 x 12"

Woofer: Proprietary EA 12" full-range driver with Whizzer cone

Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1m

Sound Pressure: 126dB @ 1m

Power Handling: 200 watts

Impedance: 4 ohm or 8Ω

Connection Type: Two Speakon Jacks

Handle: One integrated custom cup handle on each side

Euphonic Audio the originators of compact high power heads and lightweight cabinets, all designed and made in the USA. This new range for 2009 takes the range to a new level and incorporates all the original ethos and unique features with some new upgrades and improvements.

Review - August 2010 - Guitar & Bass 85

Euphonic Audio - Micro Amp and Wizzy 10 cabinet

Euphonic Audio’s new digital-powered two-channel Micro bass head is little bigger than a paperback but puts out nearly twice the power of the old model. Back in our July 2007 issue we had the pleasure of reviewing EA’s wonderful iAMP 500 combo. We liked it so much that instead of buying the company we made it ‘bass combo of the year’ in our Winter Special awards issue. So you can imagine our delight when the new 550W iAMP Micro head and Wizzy 10 cabinet arrived. At 322mm wide, 384mm high and 282mm deep, the 250W Wizzy 10 cab is very small and its 12mm poplar ply construction helps keep the weight down to a paltry 7.7kgs/17lbs. It’s coated in black vinyl, fitted with plastic corner protectors and there’s a spring loaded handle on the bottom for tilt back mode. Beneath the grille is a single EA 10" neodymium driver with a secondary whizzer cone to handle the top end. Neat, tidy, no fuss. The iAMP Micro amplifier, which is only 217mm wide, 61mm high and 143mm deep, weighs a helium-light 1kg/2.25lbs and offers a staggering 550W into 4 ohms. Euphonic Audio has crammed a lot into this little box. It’s got two channels, each with Gain, Low, Mid and High controls. The EQ gives 12dB cut or boost and you can plug two basses in or switch between different EQ settings for one bass. There are also trim pots on the top for adjusting Gain and DI levels and High Pass Filter frequency.


Add to this a global Mute button, an FX loop (with Wet/Dry level control), DI Out and footswitch jack sockets plus the ability to configure more elements of the amp via internal jumpers (Euphonic Audio recommends you get an authorised dealer to do this) and you’ve got one seriously powerful package.


You shouldn’t expect – and you won’t get – seismic earth-shaking rumble from this set up, but you still get incredible depth for a cab so small and it deals comfortably with a B-string, as most quality 10" speakers do. Dialling Low to somewhere near full softens the sound, filling plenty of space while retaining a good level of definition. You don’t get extreme punch from boosting just Mid – the effect on either channel is a snappier, tighter note with a tiny hint of added aggro, Channel 2 (set at 800Hz) being slightly brighter than Channel 1 (set at 500Hz). If you want serious rat-tat-tat, add a dollop of High to the boosted Mid knob. This creates a nastier scenario replete with a throaty rasp, and adding a handful of Low creates a low-volume monster with far more impact than it really has any right to. The secondary speaker cone means that boosting highs gives plenty of cut and bite with musical substance and hardly any sign of fret-noise. By the way, switching between the EQs is seamless, no matter how radically different the tonal setup, and any trim pot adjustments are also easy to make… provided you own a small screwdriver and can use your ears.

The iAMP Micro weighs just 1kg, but Euphonic Audio has crammed a lot into this little box

First Impressions: Ultra-light, super-small and very businesslike


Build Quality ............................19/20

Playability ...............................16/20

Sound ......................................16/20

Value for money ....................... 17/20

Vibe .........................................19/20

TOTAL ............................. 87%

Good for... Getting a high-quality sound on small to medium rehearsals and gigs

Look elsewhere... If the budget won’t stretch, you need more volume or valves are your thing


Rigs like this little belter from Euphonic Audio are nothing but good news for bass players, providing practical levels of volume and praiseworthy tone in unbelievably light and portable packages. There’s plenty of competition in this price range, but the iAMP Micro scores high on simplicity of EQ and the ability to customise the controls to suit your personal needs. If your

budget will stretch this far, then you have to check out this system.


Description: iAMP Micro: twin channel 550W solid state head with Class D power amp and switching power supply. Wizzy 10: one EA 10" neodymium speaker with secondary whizzer cone in a 12mm poplar plywood cab with front porting. Both made in USA

Price: iAMP Micro head, £649; Wizzy 10 cabinet, £449

Controls: Two sets of Gain, Low, Mid and High controls, Master volume and FX Wet/ Dry controls, Channel Control and Mute switches, trim pots for Gain, DI Output and High Pass Filter levels. Two inputs, FX Loop DI out and footswitch jack sockets, speaker out Speakon socket

Range Options: iAMP Doubler 550W head, £699; Wizzy 12 cab, £449; Wizzy 12 M-Line cab, £549

Contact: Bass Direct

01926 886433


Customer feedback:

Hi Mark,

Mark did a grand job of keeping me in the loop re: what was happening with customs etc. and getting my new amp to me in time for a gig - really excellent service!

The EA Micro is a superb amp: incredible midrange clarity and presence in the lowest frequencies - especially when dropping the low B on my Dingwall 5 to an A - a real full-bandwidth amp.

All set up on stage, the Markbass LMII used to look pretty small perched on top of my cab, but the Micro looks like a joke! Doesn't sound like a joke though and it has plenty of power to spare, so must be a good match for this cab. At it's 1st gig, I could hear everything so well it made me play better and concentrate on the music, which is surely the goal of any backline.

Build quality is excellent and the tiny size and weight means one less bag for me to take to gigs. In fact, it felt as if I'd left something behind and double-checked the effects gig bag pocket before leaving for a gig! I love the simplicity and 70's hi-fi looks and touches like the mute being on after power-up make setting up so easy - no nasty bangs now! And no amp GAS either...


Tel: 01926 886433