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Dingwall SUPER SJ4 - sold, please contact us to order a similar bass

  1. Olympic white high gloss finish
  2. Matching painted headstock

  3. Swamp Ash Body with tone chambers

  4. Baltic Amber pickguard

  5. Three piece maple neck - satin finish

  6. Morado fingerboard with dots - 34.25" - 32" scale

  7. Novax® Fanned -Fret System™

  8. SJ Mach II 4L pickups

  9. Volume, Pickup selector, passive tone control

  10. Chrome Custom Bridge

  11. Chrome Hipshot ultralight tuners

  12. Hipshot extender key on E string

  13. Weight 8lb 13oz/4kgs

  14. Gig bag and tools

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A truly superb take on the classic jazz bass. With impeccable build quality and the highly intuitive fan frets this bass plays beautifully. The scale length is 34.25" on the E string and 32" on the G string giving the G a full and punchy tone with great consistency of string tension and tone from the E to the G. The electronics are smooth and responsive and the general tone is that of the classic Jazz bass but more modern and precise. This is another fine example of Dingwall's work and deserves serious attention. Call us for a demo.

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