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SUNBEAMS are the next generation of nickel-plated bass strings as they are wound upon round cores. SUNBEAMS feature the easily recognisable feel and flexibility of DR round core construction, with nickel warmth, softness of feel, and increased response to magnetic pickups due to the sensitive magnetic content (compared to stainless steel) of the nickel plated wrap wire. Tony Franklin says "SUNBEAMS amaze me, "I love them on my fretless".

4 string sets (MRRP £34.99/set)               

5 string sets (MRRP £46.99/set)           

6 string sets (MRRP £48.99/set)  

DR Sunbeam 45 - 105 SNMR- 45  £32.00

DR Sunbeam 45 - 125 SNMR 5 - 45  £42.00


For orders outside the UK Add EU & Ireland shipping £3 (total of £5)

Shipping costs for UK Mainland; 1 set £2.00, 2 sets £2.00, 3 sets £3.00    


Tel: 01926 886433