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Lo- Rider Stainless Steel

Lo-Rider stainless steel bass strings are round wound and constructed upon a hexagonal core. They provide more depth of tone, and are a bit stiffer than Hi-Beams. Bass players who are into slapping, popping, and tapping will love the high end and depth of Lo-Riders. The slight bit of stiffness makes Lo-Rider bass strings very accurate when playing harmonics. Great consistency, and great string-to-string balance are DR hallmarks. Fits scale lengths up to 37 3/4"

4 string sets (List £36.45/set)

5 string sets (List £46.95/set)            

6 string sets (List £49.95/set)                    

For orders outside UK, Please Add £3 EU/Ireland shipping

Shipping costs for UK mainland: 1 set £2.00, 2 sets £2.00, 3 sets £3.00    


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