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DDT Bass Strings

The first thing you will notice about these strings is that they go right into tune and lock in. Players say they are “so stable it is almost eerie.” Now you can stand and delivery in tune notes at lower pitch that are clean and clear. Expect more and get more. Change tunings and be surprised how DDTs lock right in. Be surprised how little adjustments you make. DDTs deliver far more than just heavy gauges. Drop with confidence, drop with accuracy. DDTs maintain their intonation at lower tunings far better than any other string we have ever played or heard. Designed over a two year build and test period to answer the needs of the dark side.

DDT  40/60/80/100  4 string set

DDT  45/65/85/105  4 string set     

DDT  50/70/90/110  4 string set    

DDT  55/75/95/115  4 string set

DDT  65/85/102/125  4 string set

DDT  40/60/80/100/120  5 string set

DDT  45/65/85/105/125  5 string set 

DDT  55/75/95/115/135  5 string set

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